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I changed pads in my 4XX because the originals ones after 5 years of moderate use where almost melted. I like velour and since these where the only available in amazon I choose these.

CORRECTION: I did not change the pads myself but my wife did it for me. What a pain to change these pads we spend almost 2 hours trying to change these pads. I do not understand what is the point to make it so difficult to change pads.
It's a snap! First get the rings on, and make sure that the pad material isn't hanging over the little notches. Line them up with the little divots on the cups for the notches. Lightly squeeze the rings, and try to get 3 of the tabs into the divots, then the other ones that are not fit into the notches - you bend the ring very slightly for each tab - not 2 or 3 at once. Get them in, then rotate the pads enough so the tabs are equidistant from the notches - and it's all set. Try it a few times, once you get the hang of it, should take less than :20 seconds with occasional fussy ones that might take :40 seconds.

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