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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. jarnopp
    Never sell!
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  2. Textfeud
    I think I will leave my HE-6 as it is for now. The Blutack mod does seem very interesting but I read some people snapped a wire while doing it and as I can’t solder and don’t have a audio repair nearby it seems too scary for my blood :wink:. I also don’t find it lacking for now. With the balanced Toxic Audio cable, ZMF Ori pads and Yamaha CA-1000 through a HE-adapter I’m in audio heaven. Everything sounds so damn realistic and natural/effortless it’s almost ridicilous. They just dethroned the HE-500/Ori/LCD-X as the best headphones I’ve ever heard and it’s not that close.
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  3. Rhamnetin
    Yeah I too am scared to do mods like that Blutack one. Heck I was even scared to do the bass port mod to the Stax SR-007A.

    I also had an HE-6 (LFF Code-6 more specifically) and ZMF Ori at the same time. The two were very close in overall enjoyment to me, but for largely different reasons; the HE-6's openness and imaging versus the Ori's bass impact, more detailed vocals, and sweeter top end. I only sold the HE-6 because to my ears, the Stax SR-009 is like a better version of it.
  4. Textfeud
    @Rhamnetin I think we have similar SQ preferences. I agree about the Ori 100 percent. The tuning by Zach is just stellar. The bass is the best I’ve heard because off the (added) sub bass and not bloated mid bass which is quite rare (for a headphone with big bass) and pretty much spectacular. Doesn’t bleed into the mids either and because of that makes it a win for me as a mid-centric enthousiast.

    But the HE-6 sounds more realistic because of the treble and openness. I almost feel like I’m watching it live and not listening to a headphone. Every instrument sounds life like. It’s just so well balanced. Really wish I had the funds to buy the Code-6 that is on the market now in the EU so I could try them side by side and keep the winner (to my ears).
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  5. heliosphann
    Which specific Dekoni velour pads? The TH-900 ones?
  6. jarnopp
    The Elite Velour for M50X and Beyer DT. I got ‘em off Massdrop, but they should be available on the Dekoni site too.
  7. Rhamnetin
    Unfortunately I never got to compare the Code-6 to the stock HE-6 directly, and while I listened to both on a very similar amp, my experience with the HE-6 was in a very noisy environment. I do wonder how they compare, the only difference I was able to make out is that the Code-6's treble with the right pads (FocusPad-A being my favorite) sounded more linear and a bit less powerful. But with the pads it came with, the treble was really sloppy.
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  8. iliketowrap19
    Anyone here looking to Sell their HE-6?
  9. Textfeud
    Hi guys,

    I just removed the grills for a grill mod and found this mod I think. It looks like a big felt cloth and cotton. Any idea if this is a common mod?

  10. heliosphann
    I don't remember the foam, but the cotton-like material is stock.
  11. Textfeud
    @heliosphann Did not expect that! Any idea why they put it there?
  12. elwappo99
    The cotton was added later in the he6 production. He500 had it sometimes as well. Its stock.
  13. Textfeud
    Tried it both and although the difference is small I'm keeping the cotton and foam ring. Maybe I'll try again somewhere this week. Easy enough to remove and put back.
  14. m8o
    To anyone subscribed to this HE-6 thread .... have you listened to the Final Audio D8000? How would you compare them? Is the FA worth the premium? Thanx.
  15. Textfeud
    What is the general consensus regarding a tube speaker amp? I kinda miss the glow of a tube amp sometimes. I really love the Yamaha CA-1000 & Hifiman HE-6 combination though. Really can't complain, but maybe a good tube amp could make it sound even better.

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