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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. lawrence2357
    They're worry whatever someone is willing to pay. Supply and demand. Supply is limited. Demand is not massive given lack of awareness, but probably greater than supply at much under 1k.
  2. Drrizzt
    This kind of discount is suspect, i had a couple of time this case (with ebay) with good sellers and in the end, i've never received the goods i purchased.
  3. Rayzilla
    So this happened to the pads on my HE-6.

    What is the recommended replacement pad if I don't want the sound warmed up, keeping the bass and up tight and rumble on the sub-bass, or do these two conflict?

    And is there a good video that shows the process of changing the pads?

    I thought I remember reading about the Ori ZMF Ear Pads being a good match. Is it a perfect fit and easy to install? It's ending on Mass Drop in 2 hours.

    Last edited: Jun 30, 2018
  4. Rhamnetin
    The HE-6 and that entire generation of HiFiMan headphones has the easiest pad replacement I've ever encountered. The pads are mounted on plastic rings that just snap in/out anywhere on the headphone.

    Unfortunately I have only owned a modded HE-6, the LFF Code-6. I've used three pads on it: what I think are these which are thicker pads like the ZMF Ori pads, ZMF Universe lambskin pads (more shallow than Ori pads), and HiFiMan FocusPad-A. Based on my experience with those, thicker pads like those Brainwavz and I'd guess the Ori pads result in much more recessed, lighter bass. My HE-6 is a bass light headphone with those thick Brainwavz pads, which also don't fit the rings properly. The more shallow pads bring out the bass much more, and between the ZMF Universe and FocusPad-A the FocusPad-A sounds far better. Bass is about equal on both, but the Universe has unbalanced and excessively thin treble and worse imaging.

    FocusPad-A is the most neutral of the bunch and least flawed. I recommend them or the regular FocusPads (they sound nearly identical on the HE-560). They come mounted on rings and will snap right into the HE-6 as the video above shows.
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  5. Rayzilla
    Thanks Rhamnetin, this is very helpful and answers my question. Good thing I didn't jump on the MD deal since it doesn't seem to fit my preference even though I thought I wanted the thicker pad but if it changes the sound adversely to my ears, I do not need that. I think I will prefer the original FocusPad over the FocusPad-A.

  6. Textfeud
    Hi guys, getting a Hifiman HE-6 very soon (4 screw version). Will be pairing it with a vintage Yamaha CA-1000 amp (70w in A/B and 15w in class A), will it be a good combination? Had a Regio Brio before the Yamaha and to me the Yamaha sounds better with speakers.
  7. wuwhere Contributor
    Haven't listened to my HE-6 for awhile now. I have to get a darker sounding solid state amp.
  8. Silent One
    @ wuwhere
    What had you been driving them with? I just completely my listening room last ‘24 hrs.’ Prior, I had all my gears in storage for some 3.5 years. My summer will include lots and lots of music to make up lost time.

    Thinking of driving your ‘6’ off taps or hpo?
  9. Textfeud
  10. Silent One
    That Yammy is a fine looking amp. If it were my own, I’d try the HiFiMAN’s all three ways to find my preference (taps, jack & adapter) though I’d likely skip the adapter.
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  11. wuwhere Contributor
    Tube speaker amps, an Audio Research D70 and a Copland. The D70 has really good bass, the Copland is very smooth but doesn't have the bass of the D70.

    I have a very particular solid state speaker amp in mind.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2018
  12. Keithpgdrb
    Sansui amps work well with the he6. You only need the adapter when using the speaker taps on a tube amp. None needed for solid state.
  13. Silent One
    I absolutely enjoy the he-6 off the taps of my Sansui G-22000!
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  14. Silent One
    Thinking of modding my HE-6 again. This time, having 'em customed to accept banana plugs - want to use my home stereo speaker cables (A23 Auditorium). Currently running WireWorld Silver Eclipse 7 cable. Please share your thoughts and experiences on my pursuit...thanks.
  15. Drrizzt
    Just got a Denon pma 1500ae. 70w @ 8ohms

    I guess that the double allimentation, one per channel help the bass to be tremendously solid with an outstanding impact. Everything is there: Speed, soundtage, details, visceralness and the highs are silky. At last i can hear the full potential of the he6 and my jaw is on the floor.
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