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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. Drrizzt
    You can try a smooth solid state amp like the denon pma 1500ae. It's very liquid sound yet very precise.
  2. jerick70
    First Watt J2 is execellent with the HE-6. It will fit these requirements too.
  3. Drrizzt
    Yeah but very expensive !
  4. Textfeud
    @Drrizzt Honestly feel that would be a downgrade from the Yamaha CA-1000. I tried some of the better modern amps in the sub 1000 euro price range and I preferred my revised Yamaha CA-1000.

    @jerick70 First Watt J2 looks good but is out of my budget and hard to find in Europe.
  5. jerick70
    What's your budget?
  6. Keithpgdrb
    I have the same train of thought. I tried my he6 with my restored Fisher 500 C. Not a good combo. You would want to use the speaker taps. But then you have to use the adapter resistors to protect your headphones. This change the sound to much to me, not to my liking. The answer always is try it yourself. But that was my experience.
  7. Textfeud
    @jerick70 Around 750 euro.

    @Keithpgdrb I’m using the HE-adapter right now to be safe. How does it change the sound?
  8. LarsHP
    IME bass is softer (not as hard hitting) with tube amps, but mids and treble might appeal more to you.
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  9. jerick70
    Take a look at the Anthem AMP 2 Special Edition. You will need to buy used but it is an excellent amp if you can find one.

    Another option I found that sounded excellent with the HE6 was the Burson Timekeeper. You can find them for around your price at a dealer or used.
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  10. Keithpgdrb
    You only need the adapter with tube amps. I always feel like the sound is muffled rolled off in the top end.
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  11. jean-luc
    I'm using the bakoon amp11r with my he6(6screw version).
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  12. Silent One
    It is my hope that you'll be able to have both chips & glass as oppose to selling the Yammy for tubes & HE-6. My HiFiMAN's sees duty with both solid-state and tubes. Absolutely love this contrast! I own the he-adapter but never used it on my monster receiver - always straight-to-taps, baby! In the beginning, I used the adapter to show my tube monaural amps a load for protection - had veiled sound. Then members here got me to strap the outputs with parallel (wirewound non-inductive) resistors. Now the he-6 straight to taps on both amps is yum-o!

    HE-6> Sansui G-22000; Shindo Lab Sinhonia F2a monaural amps.
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  13. Textfeud
    I just plugged the HE-6 directly in the Yamaha CA-1000 headphone out with very good results. Not sure if there is a difference with the HE-adapter yet, will need to compare more. If there is it will be a small difference to my ears.
  14. Drrizzt
    The right driver of my He-6 just died...crap.

    I hope that hifiman still offer the service to fix it.
  15. cskippy
    I wish you the best of luck sir. I hope they still have a couple spares left.

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