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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. TWerk
    That sounds awesome. Even on a "normal" headphone amp I find the HE-6 to be fantastic. I'm getting a speaker amp for them as everyone says that's the way you need to drive them... I've always longed for serious bass impact from a headphone and from my research it was the HE-6 or Abyss that get the jaw to drop in that regard. But the Abyss is much higher in price, so I jumped on an HE-6 when I found it.

    Nevertheless, the technical ability, clarity and aliveness of the HE-6 is outstanding. They brought out emotions in me when listening. In basically every area, they seem to impress, regardless of what you are looking for out of them.

    What a headphone this is!

    I wonder why, nearly 10 years later, Hifiman doesn't release a refresh to this masterpiece!
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2018
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  2. Silent One
    re : : refresh - remixed. wouldn't it be great if our good doctor (Fang Bian) paid tribute to his loyal fanbase and setup program for '6' owners to return their cans for small fee and have HiFiMAN retrofit our drivers inside newer style housing? a new limited-edition, if you would.
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  3. Rhamnetin
    HiFiMan wouldn't refresh it due to the strides they have made in planar magnetic technology. They do have headphones in the HE-6's old price range, the Ananda and Edition X V2 (and the former might make the latter obsolete now). I wish they would have more reasonable pricing for the HE1000 V2 and Susvara, the latter being the HE-6's successor.
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  4. LarsHP
    HiFiMan did indeed release a "refreshed" HE-6 and it is called Susvara, as Rhamnetin says. The Susvara and HE-6 are the only headphones (that I know of) that are made with gold coated diaphragms. Their rated sensitivity (83dB) is about the same even though the Susvara benefits from some of the technological advancements made for the HE1000. The HE-500 was originally planned to be called HE-6P (with "P" for power) since it is more sensitive than HE-6, but Fang Bian changed his mind and called it HE-500 - perhaps to distinguish it more from the HE-6.

    HiFiMan headphone history tree.jpg
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  5. Drrizzt
    And the prices went crazy in between the He-6 and the susvara.

    6.000€, total none sense. They should have put it in the same price bracket than the Utopia and Lcd-4.

    I'm afraid Fang is now looking to buy a big summer house in california.
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  6. Drrizzt

    To my ear, the only area where there's a significant improvement with other higher priced headphones is the improved resolution.

    I'm wondering why the he-6 wasn't directly sold with a xlr -> banana plug cable, they should have capitalised with the fact that the he-6 was designed to work with any powerfull integrated amp. Everyone has or know somebody who has one, it's much more widepread than headamps (and affordable !). Marketing wise, they could have said that the he6 is a mini Loudspeaker rather than a headphones.

    To me they missed the point when i see this topic as only the very most powerfull headamp are able to drive them (And no, 5w is not enough, not even close, my Mjolnir makes the he6 so dull...).
  7. Textfeud
    I received my Hifiman HE-6 and I think I'm in love. What a great sounding headphone. Might be the best I've heard, although it's hard to make such statements when I can't compare them with my other favorites (HE-500, Ori & LCD-X). When changing pads to the Ori pads I noticed the previous owner did a mod to them. It has 1/4 felt there. Does anyone know what kind of mod that is and I should keep it or return to stock?
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  8. elwappo99
    Got a picture?
  9. jarnopp
    If it looks like this picture, it is stock:
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  10. Textfeud
    @jarnopp Yes that’s it! Then mine is still stock :)
  11. Textfeud
    Guys any mods I should do? Driving the HE-6 (4 screw) on my Yamaha CA-1000 with a Hifiman HE-adapter just to be safe and I love the sound. Doesn't have a harsh treble to my ears (only thing that concerned me about the HE-6). Could very well be the amp pairing because I am allergic to harsh treble. It sounds near perfect, but maybe there are mods that will make it even better.
  12. Rhamnetin
    You can take the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" approach, or you can do an easy mod like the open back grill mod - remove the grills and dust filter, use either no dust filter or a less obstructive one, and install less obstructive grills instead of the stock one. Should open up the sound stage noticeably but I never tried this mod.

    Swapping pads is something most people try, although my favorite pads for the Code-6 (modded HE-6) were the FocusPad-A (FocusPad will be very similar I'm sure) on rings. I don't like what thick pads do to the sound, they make it too bass light but do improve imaging.

    There's also the fuzzor mod which is interesting but I never tried it.

    Last edited: Jul 14, 2018
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  13. Textfeud
    Yes the Fuzzor mod and Blutak mod seem interesting, but the Fuzzor is for treble right? I don’t really have a issue there. I did install ZMF Ori pads (with the ring). Guess you could say that is a mod haha. Did it for comfort more than anything. Grill mod I could try, did it with the HE-500 too.
  14. Astral Abyss
    I wouldn't mod your HE-6 if you don't have to. You've already done the two things that affect the sound the most: giving it plenty of power and replacing the mediocre stock pads. You also did the pads the way I did, using the stock rings, which I honestly think sounds the best.

    Unmodded HE-6 are hard to find and, at least in my opinion, more desirable when/if you sell it on.
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  15. jarnopp
    Blutack mod can only further improve the bass and lower overall distortion. You can try the bass lens mod, which is fully reversible and easy to do. The grill mod is, as stated above, good for opening up the sound. My favorite pads are the Dekoni velour. I think the fuzzor mod would be overkill, especially if you have no treble issues now.
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