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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. ohhgourami
    Peel off the felt and place on a piece of wax paper to save.

    Just try my mods. You've been a stubborn one and in the end I'll have to tell you "I told you so". Quit struggling so you may hear the HE-6 at it's best. You took one step up the stairs and think you're at the top already.
  2. cskippy
    I think that's a little harsh.  There is no measurable change between felt and no felt.  If it's not obstructing the sound waves then whatevs.  Although, I do agree that you lose some of that magic and excitement of the non fuzzored HE-6.
  3. Tobes
    No such grandiose notions.
    I will try the Vegans (on the way) - but obviously it's going to be impossible to do any sort of quick comparison with the velour pads/magnet fuzzor mod.

    BTW, do you have a printer friendly template for the vegan fuzzor?
  4. ohhgourami
    Easy to compare, just do it on one side only. You will be able to hear it.

    The link to the template is at the bottom of my post. Link to post is also in my sig.
  5. Tobes

    Ok, thanks for that.
    Been listening further to the modded HE6 (open grill/magnet fuzzer/stock velour pads) and would like to retract something I wrote above: -  "well recorded material is less exciting" (with the fuzzer mod).
    I think my ears must have been tired. After listening further the sense of liveliness, low level detail and particularly high frequency purity is something pretty special.
    My Chesky and other quality oriented label recordings are sounding better than ever.[​IMG]
  6. Shazb0t
    Have you done any before and after frequency response measurements to show the differences?
  7. RAZRr1275
    Just took the plunge on a set of HE-6 again after a bit of an absence due to not having good enough amping on the first go around. This time I'm pairing them with an upgraded Sonic Frontiers SFD-1 DAC and a Pioneer SX-1010 speaker amp so I should be able to hear them at their potential. 
  8. Articnoise

    The fuzzored HE-6 sounds more refined, pure and less strained because of less reflections from the rear of the pads and/or magnets. 

  9. musicinmymind
    for me, if amp has bass management then Blu-Tack mod is best mod. Improvement in SQ is quite noticeable, even with a distant memory you will be able to make out.
    Bass becomes tighter and over all speed and imageing increase a lot, with more air. But only issue quantity of bass will reduce, so amp has to help on that.
  10. CrocCap
    if you dont do things ohgourami's way, then you're obviously doing things wrong. you're not even allowed to like other headphones more than the he6.
  11. Tobes

    Well he's gonna hate this then.[​IMG]
    My vegan pads arrived and I decided to do some quick and dirty comparisons with my current grill modded/fuzzored HE6 and the stock velour and Focus pads.
    For this I didn't fit the Hifiman pads properly with the ring flanges - just put each set of pads on the cups and let the headband hold them in place.
    Cue face palm by ohhgourami.
    Now, I know this is NOT the recommended setup I just wanted to get an idea of comparative tonal balances.
    The recommended fitment for the vegans is via tape but at least they fit flush to the cups - the Hifiman pads contact was more uneven because of the protruding flanges on the rings.
    Vegans did NOT have the felt ring applied as I thought this may exacerbate the darker balance with the magnet fuzzor.
    I had the Senn HD600 as a control headphone to refer back to.
    Results were interesting.
    The vegans, no doubt disadvantaged with the magnet fuzzor, had darkest balance. Very 'midrange centric' - but that midrange sounded quite good. Deep bass was a bit MIA. Stage width didn't seem exceptional and that big prominent midrange produced big images, but not so focussed with the curtailed highs. Comfy though - yes, pillows for your ears describes the feel.
    The focus pads - well I think I've already said these aren't my favourites for mid articulation and detail, nothing overtly bad though. Could get a bit 'shouty' sometimes. I noticed they sounded a bit compressed in width and general spaciousness. Bass deeper than vegans (in this setup) with some proper HE6 thump. 
    Stock Velour had the widest soundstage and most spacious sound. Best focus and instrument separation/placement too. Most detailed sounding - but sometimes to excess which could become tiring. Deepest, punchiest, bass too with the Lee Ritenour and Erykah Badu test tracks, not really effected too much by the loose uneven fitment.
    Mids with the vegans could be quite lovely - though they tended to fare better with brighter material. The same material on the stock velour could sound too insistent - though I should note the stock velour balance was closer to the HD600.
    The stock velour were usually my favourites when I conducted the above, non ideal, comparison.
    Though as I listen further to the vegans, the sound continues to grow on me - sometimes switching from the velour the vocals on the vegans really 'pop'.
    I think the vegans have greater mid clarity - vocals sound more realistic and substantial.
    It's funny how, after adjusting to the balance of the vegans, switching back to the stock velour can sound a bit top heavy and lightweight in the mids.
    Hopefully proper fitment of the vegans will improve bass and highs.
  12. Articnoise

    The vegan pads sure has more bass. Also, the vegan pads is very picky and will sound different depending on how much you angles the pads. 100 % angel will sound kind of mid centric and closed in. Too much angle will result in loss in image, midrange body, warmth and bite. 



  13. koiloco
    +1 [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  14. bosiemoncrieff
    I haven't listened to the vegan pads yet -- i just installed them -- but omg they're on my head and they're like the best pillow ever. 
    UPDATE: Am I hearing things, or do the vegan pads soften the bass impact?
  15. Shazb0t
    It's been said.

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