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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. ohhgourami
    Not if you get a perfect seal against the cups.
  2. bosiemoncrieff
    It feels perfect to me. Pics of a perfect vs imperfect seal? 
    What're the favored mods for reinforcing bass impact?
  3. ohhgourami

    As long as you taped the pads directly to the cups you should get a perfect seal. Imperfect seals are trying to use the hifiman pads or gaps in whatever adhesive/mounting you use.
    The next mod you should be doing actually reduces bass quantity. The answer to use a proper power amp. I've haven't heard a headphone amp doing bass correctly.
  4. koiloco
    and what is correct bass? [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  5. 1974
    Somewhat related, the vegan pads on actual Audeze headphones (with a seal you can't mess up) seriously reduced bass impact. I went back to the stock leather as it sounds the best. I can't speak for the HE-6 though.
  6. Peter78
    I think you mean stock leather (not pleather, which is fake leather).  The Audeze pads are genuine lambskin, if I am not mistaken.
    My (used) LCD-2.2's came with the vegan pads, and I suspected that the bass might be reduced by them.  So, I picked up a pair of the lambskin ones, thinking that I might like them better on the LCD-2.2's, and then I'd also be able to use the vegan pads on my HE-6's (as that combo is recommended pretty often here).  I haven't done the swap yet, but I'm glad to hear that you think the bass is better with the leather pads (something I'd hoped would be the case).
  7. vc1187

    I think he meant stock pleather of the HiFiMan headphones
  8. Peter78
    Oh, if so, then I misunderstood, and I apologize.  Since he said, "I can't speak for the HE-6 though," I thought that he was strictly speaking of Audeze.
  9. 1974
    I was, and you're right - they are indeed leather. Look at me, cheapening my beloved LCDs. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. cskippy
    I've been curious on trying the leather Audeze pads with the HE-6.  Just don't want to spend $80.
  11. Articnoise

    I agree that the leather pads sounds better with Audeze LCD 3. The vegan sound more muddy, laid back and lack treble. To me the biggest difference between leather and vegan pads on the LCD 3 is not in the bass, it’s in high mid and treble. The HE6 on the other hand sounds overall better with vegan pads IMO. Not in all aspect thou. With HE6 the decrease in treble is welcomed, as is the boost in deep bass and better image. Also the Audeze vegan is much comfier than all the pads from Hifiman.  

  12. LarsHP
    I have been thinking about getting the Audeze leather pads for the HE-6 instead of the vegan since the leather surface is (more) airtight which could yield firmer and even deeper bass extension. If the leather then seems to reflect more treble, it could be fixed by taping felt on the inner sides of the pad. So - more direct comparisons between these two pads are very welcome!
    On another note, my next mod will be adding Blu-tack (or in my case Pritt) partly around the driver. My idea is that the sonically non-compromising feature of the Blu-tack mod is reducing vibrations in the cup / driver assembly. In that respect, it's like the sorbothane mod. However, by sealing the driver to the cup the Blu-tack mod also tightens the bass at the expense of bass quantity and in turn overall tonal balance. By only putting adhesive paste at for example seven areas around the driver while leaving air-gaps between them, both the vibration reduction and bass quantity should be intact. That's what I hope for at least...
  13. gonzalo1004es
    I've just received my HE-6 and have an issue with them, hope someone can give some advice: the right connector doesn't screw to the headphone, it stays more or less fixed (i can use them like that), but the screw stays loose, it can be twisting infinitely. Swaping L & R connectors doesn't change anything, meaning that the problem lays in the right headphone connector...Everything looks fine with it apparently, L and R connectors looks exactly the same. Unfortunately I got the last HE-6 here in Spain, so it's a matter of solving it or returning them and forget about the HE-6:)
    An update: It feels (althought they look the same) like if the headphone connectors were different in diameter, the connector just enters differently, the right one is just loose, screwing is not the issue...
  14. Oregonian

    There's another company that sells them for $62, but can't recall who it is............Google should help you.

    I've bought both my Vegans and leathers off this for sale board for around $50 each. Just have to keep looking daily and jump on them.

    How's the Spec system running? :)
  15. Audio Addict Contributor

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