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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. koiloco
    Dip in the 2khz = less forward sound?  This is the first time I've heard this.
  2. Tobes
    If you compared the HD600 to the HE6 you would know exactly what I mean.
    The HD600 provides more robust, mid centric, vocal sound - but vocals are pushed more forward with less focus.
    Part of my problem with the Focus pads is a lack of robustness, but there is also a lack of articulation of detail that leaves me a bit cold. Not sure if the 2Khz dip is responsible for the articulation problem or it's some other difference in the response.
    My own hearing sensitivities probably play a big part - your take might be different, which is ok [​IMG].
    To be honest I think the HE6 in any form (I've heard) lacks a bit of robustness/body with vocals - compared to HD600 or, especially, my Harbeth  speakers. However the HE6 balance has its own advantages (especially for headphone listening) and the quality and clarity of the sound throughout the full range is very good.
    Edit: In hindsight, after looking at the response graph of the HD600 it's more likely the fact that it's output only falls off very gradually into the upper mids that results in it's forwardness (compared to HE6).
    Maybe the dip at 2khz with the Focus pads has less to do with lack of 'body' but is in fact responsible for the articulation shortfall. Frankly I don't know and I'm only guessing.[​IMG]
    Completely off topic, but further looking at the response for the AKGQ701 (which I'm familiar with) shows a peak at 2Khz which also creates a trough down into the lower mids. Now the 701 is very articulate though also lacks robustness and balance (IMO).
  3. cskippy
    I agree with Tobes.  Comparing my modded HD650 (shown below) to the HE-6 there is a much smoother frequency response that allows vocals to have a touch more body and be presented in a truly amazing way.  
    vs HE-6 w Audeze pads
  4. Tobes
    cskippy, is the graph above the modded HE6 with Audeze pads - the labelling on the graph seems to indicate stock HE6?
    If modded, which mods have been applied?
  5. cskippy
    You're right, that's the stock HE-6 with Audeze Pads.  I'll edit my post.
  6. wewewho77
    Which one of the audeze pads? Vegan or leather? Thx
  7. bosiemoncrieff
    What color, black or brown? I hear brown can soften some transient clipping 
  8. Articnoise

    I have not found that articulation or detail is lacking with the focus pads, the opposite. What the focus pads is lacking compared to the vegans is good balance. Too much high treble and not enough bass and body.  


    The vegan pads is picky and will sound different depending on how much you angle the pads. More angled pads mean more mid centric and closed in sound, less angled pads will result in bigger soundstage, more open and better FR balance.



  9. cskippy
    Tbe measurements were done with black vegan microsuede Audeze pads.
  10. Tobes

    Oh well I guess we hear things differently with the Focus pads, which is fine.
    I finally decided to apply the Fuzzor mod to my HE6's tonight - I know, late again to this mod[​IMG].
    I've done very little listening at this stage (using stock velour, grill mod) but my initial reaction is positive. 
    Retains the liveliness and musical engagement of the velour but more precise and perhaps spacious sound (or maybe ambient cues are just cleaner?) - definitely less tendency to brightness.
    Sounding mighty fine anyway - maybe I don't need the vegans?
  11. somestranger26
    Applying fuzzor was extremely tedious and time-consuming compared to the 'vegan fuzzor' mod. I also think the modded vegan pads have a far more positive effect on the sound as well as the comfort.
  12. cskippy
    Kudos on doing the fuzzor mod.  I did it to both my HE-500 and HE-6.  I ended up taking it off the HE-6 when experimenting and was hard pressed to notice a difference but there was too much time lapse to do a real comparison.  Although I wasn't crying when I pulled it off so...
  13. Tobes
    There is definitely less energy in the highs, and the soundstage is seems more sorted. But whether it is too much with the vegans remains to be heard.
    May end up pulling it off - at least it's practically free.
    So far, hard to criticize with the stock velour - though perhaps really well recorded material is less exciting.
  14. somestranger26
    By "vegan fuzzor" I do not mean vegan pads with fuzzor applied to the driver housing. I'm talking about this: http://www.head-fi.org/t/493214/hifiman-he-6-planar-magnetic-headphone/17190#post_11864770
  15. Tobes
    Yeah I understood that.
    The grill modded HE6 with fuzzor on the magnets is clearly the best I've heard this headphone.
    Imaging precision, especially in depth is better than I thought would be possible with the he6. Low level detail and purity is also excellent.
    I feel disinclined to undo my good work.

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