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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. Articnoise

    Yes an SS amp that is clipping or is malfunctioning has a lots of malicious distortion and will sooner or later blow your speakers/headphone. In fact a "small amp" that is pressed over its limits is like a ticking bomb.


    Normally tube amps are clipping softer, it’s still bad for the drivers in the long run, but less bad than the clipping from a SS amp. 

  2. Jozurr
    How can  you tell if you amp does not have clean power and has distortion without tools?
  3. Happy Camper
    Your input db can also damage the drivers if it's too high. I use a DAC that can output an extra 24db. I had moved and didn't look at the setting. It was on 0db boost when I shut it down. I hadn't noticed the thing was on +24 before putting it to my system. Sigh.......
  4. Armaegis
    Very true. A solid state amp pushed past it's limit is basically pumping out square waves at the limits of its capacity. That's almost like pushing DC through your speakers/headphones.
    Not quite about "clean power', but related to output limits: Play a sine wave (something simple like 200Hz or whatever), slowly bring up the volume. It should sound boring for the most part until it starts to clip. This clipping behaviour is essentially a crapton of harmonics getting forced in, and it will sound very edgy/buzzy.
  5. LarsHP
    I only referred to the reason why the manual would state a maximum wattage.
  6. Armaegis
    I've hooked mine up to kilowatt pro audio amps before. As long as you're careful with the gain and volume pot, it's all fine. Still a bit scary though...
  7. LarsHP
    We agree completely. However, HiFiMan obviously has concerns about plugging a headphone into a too powerful amp.
  8. Armaegis
    As they should... judging by the number of people who keep blowing up their drivers... [​IMG]
  9. Andykong
    I am using Ragnarok + HE6, and is planning to replace the painful mini coaxial connector with mxlr. I am thinking of hard wire from the driver connection point, leave a 4"-6" tail from the headphone and then connect to a mxlr male plug.

    Will like change to the Audeze earpad down the road, a friend has an extra pair laying around and will eventually get hold of that sometime later.

    Since I am taking the HE6 apart in order to do the hard wiring, what other mod procedures should I be considered at the same time? I have been following these thread for a few days and read a lot about HE6 mod but couldn't find THE mod plan that is/are most well received, most appreciated if someone help out by point me to the right post for more detail.
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  10. bitsnbytes

    Have you considered the Norne coaxial/minixlr adapters? No need to mess with drilling.

    Mods: grill and blutack if you plan to do the hard wiring and taking the drivers out.
  11. Andykong

    Yes, have considered the Norne option and in face I have bought quite a bits of DIY parts from them recently, but I prefer the hardwired option because:
    (1) I want to upgrade the internal cable of HE6
    (2) I'll build my own headphone cable and I plan to use the same cable material to hardwired HE6, which mean there will be only one cable material involve all the way, and minimum connector at the signal path.

    Understand it'll be a tough job and to certain extend risky, that's why I am seeking advice here. Since HE6 seems to be very common in this thread, I hope to learn a few trick before I break the headphone into pieces. :D
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  12. Alessandro1
  13. GrdironTrenches
    so since its black friday, would be nice to find a cable. dont really like the stock cable since its thin and unsleeved. any good custom cable makers?
  14. cskippy
    I've been eyeing a few but have settled on one to do a hardwired mod sometime in the future.  Look up HE-6 hardwired cable on google and you'll see a cable company that can provide that service.
  15. Andykong

    I know BTG and Lawton will provide this kind of mod, but I am from Hong Kong so sending the HE6 all the way to US might be costly and inconvenient, that's why I plan to do this myself.

    So far I have located the Fuzzor Mod and Grill Mod on HE6, haven't decided on doing these or not, most appreciate if HE6 users can share their mod experience or result of these two mod, alternative opinion is important before we get plug into drastic work like this.


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