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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. Jozurr
    When  you guys stick your vegan pads directly on the HE-6 how exactly do you do it? If you stick the double sided tape on the leather part at the back of the pads and then stick them on the headphones, wouldn't it be loose? I can't even seem to get the non adhesive paper off the double sided tape!
  2. Clemmaster
    You need to keep the rigid circular piece inside the earpads. The tape is actually bigger than the cups so it will stick out a bit. That's okay, it's sticky enough for the pads to be securely mounted.

    Yes, peeling the paper is a pain...
  3. ohhgourami

    I cut the tape into smaller sections so I only cover the inner diameter on the leather part that way it doesn't pick up dust.
  4. StryGR
    Very important info, but came to me very late!
    The sticker protrudes a lot out of Vegan circumference.
    I had to remove it from the phones (cannot be removed from the pad - very difficult) and apply some adhesive felt on it.
    In fact, I managed to make the your inner fuzzor mod ohhgourami but on the outside of the hair protection... :)
  5. Jozurr
    Managed to get the pads to stick to the frame. Used an X acto to peal off the paper and stuck the full thing directly to the pads and the frame. Yes the adhesive sticks out a bit. I stuck the adhesive on cloth a few times to catch some lint so it doesn't stick as hard.
  6. Silent One
    Greetings ohhgourami~
    Wondering what jus you might be up to audio wise; project wise. Been on the go last few months, how did the Blu-tak mod work out for you, worth the pursuit?
  7. ohhgourami

    Got everything for my custom AVC from Tribute all ready for soldering. Blutack mod has stayed on and many others have been pleased with this mod too.
    I've basically reached end-game and am looking at the next frontier - speakers.
  8. GrdironTrenches
    I think the stock HE-6 cable shorted out. Initially thought the cable end came loose because of the familiar static sounds when the 560 cable comes loose. Now left earcup cable doesnt work. HE-560 cable works fine with the HE-6 but the HE-6 stock cable with the HE-560 headphone still only works on the right earcup. Is this a familiar situation? I dont see any damage to the cable
  9. LarsHP
    No - not a well known issue. Haven't read anybody else reporting this here, and I have followed this thread for several years.
  10. GrdironTrenches
    Maybe the cable was stretched just enough 1 time too many. Definitely can't imagine a defective cable although there's a slim, slim chance. I was looking for a thicker cable during black friday anyways. Nows the time
  11. Happy Camper
    I would take the housing off the XLR end and see if a wire broke off it's solder joint. I've had this happen with a few cables that aren't tightly secured strainwise.
  12. GrdironTrenches
    does the housing slide off with a bit of force? It's not like the cable can be ruined any further
  13. ohhgourami
    The internal wiring on the headphone snapped maybe? Is the mini coax connector rotating freely?
  14. GrdironTrenches
    left mini coax (bad part of the split) operates exactly like the right mini coax. XLR pins are still in place as are the wires leading to the 4 pins. Nothing stands out along the main cable. Would take a lot of force to stretch the main cable without the Master 11 sliding. Maybe ill replace the coax somewhere inbetween the 4-7 week Norne cable wait. So far swapping the HE-560 aint old yet lol
  15. Mardrommar
    Can someone who has used or owns the Schiit Ragnarok let me know which gain setting they use for the HE-6 and what point the volume reaches a listenable level?
    Is the highest gain setting and a position of 1 o'clock typical for this headphone? The HE-6 arrived yesterday and the Ragnarok today, so I'd like to double check.

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