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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. KewlMunky
    Awaiting my pair to arrive Tuesday from Amazon. I got them for $989 new! Can't wait to compare with my LCD-2.2. I read through the amps that can drive the HE-6 thread, and I believe my Emotiva Mini-x a-100 will drive them.
  2. Velomane
    It will but not even close to their full potential. Don't let the experience turn you off of the HE-6's though.
  3. koiloco
    Emo will be a good starting baseline though IMO, it will be a little hot especially for stock HE-6.  The good thing is that it can only get better from there with later amp upgrades.  Grats and enjoy!  [​IMG]
  4. Tobes

    From new the HE-6's require considerable 'break-in' - don't judge them until they've had at least 200hrs of use.
    I found them peaky and incoherent initially - without the musicality or bass weight of my HE-500's - and I wondered what all the fuss was about.
    A few weeks later I sold my 500's. [​IMG] 
  5. KewlMunky

    So far my LCD2.2 is making me want to sell my HE-500. I'll have to do a major shootout between my HE-500, HE-6, LCD-2.2, Fidelio X2, and HD650. At the most I'm keeping two, and as it stands now I would keep my LCD-2.2 and possibly Fidelio X2 as an easy to drive open headphone. 

    What do you mean by the HE-6 not having the bass weight of the HE-500?
  6. Tobes
    I was referring to the sound prior to break-in. Initially I found it a bit 'up-tight' and lacking sub-bass 'growl' and heft. The highs were 'peaky' and lacked the fluidity and ease achieved after considerable playing in.
    After 200+ hours of play, and I mean just music material at normal levels (mostly without actual listening in my case), it's very obvious that the HE6 is on a different and higher plane to the HE500. Focus, clarity and detail are all far better. Bass has significantly more tautness and punch. Mids and highs are far more natural, open and refined (IMO).
  7. Tobes
    It will be interesting to hear your thoughts on the HE6. I expect the balance will be quite different to the LCD and HD650 - though I haven't heard either of those phones. 
    Like I said, I much preferred the HE6 to 500's to the point that I couldn't see myself listening much at all the 500's, so I couldn't justify keeping the latter. It's the same story with my HD600's - hardly get used, more just for the occasional comparison (and the 600's can be used from portable stuff).
  8. KewlMunky
    Okay good. That lines up with what I've read comparing the two. In the HE-6 what I'm looking for that I feel the HE-500 is lacking in is midbass puch. Right now the LCD-2.2 appeals to me so much more than the HE-500 due to the bass impact. I'm ever curious to see how the HE-6 sounds in comparison.
    I've never purposefully tried to break in a headphone. What's the best way to go about it? Do I just let my headphones play through my music for a few days on end, or would that be hard on the drivers to not get a break?
  9. Tobes
    Well, in my case I just put a playlist on repeat - listening occasionally. Using normal (or even slightly higher) levels won't stress the headphones IMO. 
    I never submit any of my headphones/speakers to silly levels or test tones in order to 'break-in' and don't advise doing so.
    FWIW, I don't usually subscribe to big changes happening with break-in - there is an element of 'brain break-in' going on - but the HE6 definitely needs some extensive playing time to open up.
  10. KewlMunky
    I'm don't have a definite stance on headphones physically breaking in, but I do feel there is a mental break in of one adjusting to the sound and learning to hear for the details in the new sound signature.
    Can't wait for Tuesday!
  11. screwdriver

    ive tried other pads as well ( the stock velour and  the other one , the hifiman focus pads , and the audeze vegan pads) - the focus pads for me are the best sounding .
  12. Shazb0t
    I owned both for a while and IMO it was very hard to differentiate between the HE-500 and HE-6.  I don't know that I would have passed blind testing.  My point being don't expect radically different sounding headphones, YMMV.
  13. NZtechfreak

    That's not in line with the majority of feedback I've seen.
  14. daltonlanny
    With a good powerful amp and a good source, the HE-6 is definitely faster, more open and transparent than HE-500, but is also a touch brighter.
    HE-500 sounds slightly warmer and slightly more "muffled" or "closed in" in comparison.
    Bass is looser, and maybe a tad boomier on HE-500 than on HE-6.
    Unless you are going to be driving the HE-6 with a powerful amp, you may be somewhat disappointed in the bass of the HE-6.
    With a powerful amp though, the tightness, extension, and impact of the HE-6 actually surpasses the HE-500.
    Just my 2 cents.
  15. KewlMunky
    I'm more interested in how it compares to my LCD-2.2. As it stands, I'm already planning to sell my HE-500 because of the LCD-2.2. It's mainly the bass of the LCD-2.2. that impresses me so much. I'm hoping my Emotiva will drive the HE-6 enough for me to figure out if the HE-6 is worth pursuing. I'm willing to invest in a beefy amp for the HE-6 if I truly prefer it over the LCD-2.2.

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