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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. cradon

    Got a blown one I'm dying to get replaced as well.
  2. headwhacker
    more bass and punch has nothing to do with more power. How did they come up with 90W to begin with? At which load? From their site, it's saying 500W at 1ohm. You do the math then it's 10W. Which is still plenty even for HE-6.
  3. Tobes
    The PDF gives full specs - states 90w/8 ohms.
    This would extrapolate to 14.4W/50 ohms.
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  4. shayson1357
    hello guys :)
    can anyone recommend a speaker amp(below 300$) which would give good results with the he-6(not sound worse than an he-500 or 400 with a cheap amp -_- ) till I can afford a proper amplifier... or if that is even possible in this price range!
  5. JamieMcC

    Just because you are on a budget doesn't mean you cant have hi quality sound from the off its definitely possible in your price range if you  consider some diy options
    Buy this http://www.diyaudio.com/store/amplifier-kits/amp-camp-kit-23/amp-camp-amp-complete-kit-ver-1-3.html 
    Plus This a Bottlehead quickie in front http://bottlehead.com/product/quickie-1-1-battery-powered-directly-heated-tube-preamplifier-kit/ + the PJCCs
    This will get you a quality sounding set up. A DHT (direct heated triode) pre amp and a Nelson Pass designed 6W discreet single-ended Class A amp with minimal feedback mono blocks.
    Sit back put your HE-6 on and be prepared to start grinning from ear to ear [​IMG] you will need deeper pockets to do any better with a off the shelf head amp 
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  6. Oregonian

    It's possible.  Vintage speaker amps can be had for that budget quite easily - I paid $400 for a SX-1050 Pioneer which is top end stuff, and spend $200 for a SA-8800 Pioneer integrated amp that would drive the HE-6 to great levels with speaker tap connectors. 
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  7. Happy Camper
    I've read it here that the weight of the unit is how you know what's good. That's because of the transformers used in the power supplies that show the value of an old amp. While that's a simple analogy, it holds truth to it. Get as good a power supply as you can afford. And being good does not mean more wattage but what's under the hood, the iron.
  8. Happy Camper
    A mid tier receiver or power amps this would apply. There are amps out there that took the route of the better/best parts in their designs and made some serious effort to present the first watt the best it could. Others compromised and put more effort into a case or a receiver with pre-amp functions. For the vendors that made all-rounders, they used good but not great components. So you get a little more power supply available, not the wattage necessarily. I'd recommend getting monoblock or dual mono amps but that's another matter. :p
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  9. Armaegis
    Geez you can get a little Topping amp for $100 that'll do just fine.
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  10. LarsHP
    I checked the HE-6 manual. Recommended minimum power is 2 Watts (at rated impedance). Then it is suggested that it's possible to use a speaker amp, and here the maximum power rating is 70 Watts. This translates to 11.2 Watts in HE-6's impedance.

    As mentioned, I think that Head-Direct used to have a maximum power handling spec of 15 Watts, but this info is not present anymore.
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  11. Jozurr
    Does it mean the speaker amps should not be used which have power output of more than 70 watts per channel? My speaker taps are rated at 110wpc and I blew my drivers. Im trying to think of possible reasons other than the fact that I went too loud. 
  12. FredrikT92
    If you play 100dB with a 200W vs a 100W stereo amp, would it make a difference? 
  13. LarsHP
    In short: yes (referring to the HE-6 manual). The point of specifying a maximum is likely to minimize the risk of blowing the drivers. However, a 70W speaker amp might still blow the drivers if an accident happens. (HiFiMan / Fang Bian apparently think it's safer staying at a lower power rating, so I might be wrong).
    It depends on the circumstances. If we talk about 100dB peaks, then there will be no difference since it's comfortably within the limit of both amps. But if you play at 100dB on average, then the peaks will be much louder and if these are loud enough, the difference certainly will be actual. The 100W amp will clip the signal at a 3dB lower level than the 200W amp.
  14. punit

    I have used 200 wpc (Rotel RB1080)  amp with HE 6. Never had an issue , guess just have to be careful with volume control.
  15. Oregonian
    Ditto - my HE-6 was fed by my Pioneer Spec 2 amp (250 wpc) with no issue - ran it that way for over a year.  Blew the driver first day I hooked it up to my SA-9900 - not sure what happened or why it happened but I'm suspecting distortion, as I was having an issue with the amp at the time (since fixed).  So maybe it's not clean power but distortion, which as we know is what typically blows speakers. 

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