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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. StryGR
    Have you measured dc resistance across each channel terminals on the headphone (unconnected)?
  2. Oregonian

    When I did that a couple of years ago it was $240ish if I remember right to replace the headphone.  Mind you I only had one side blown but I think that was the price for a replacement unit.
  3. Oregonian

    I run the same setup at you - my Spec 2 amp drove the HE-6 amazingly well. 
  4. TonyNewman
    Wow!! That must have taken some doing. I have run my HE6 at a 'comfortably loud' level during A/B testing on some bass tracks and found it was drawing up to around 30W or 40W on booming kettle drum impacts. The HE6 reproduced those wonderfully, but I couldn't but think that it isn't healthy to have that much power going into a headphone, even for a peak draw.
  5. LarsHP
    IIRC the HE-6 maximum power handling is 15W.
  6. headwhacker
    Hmnn how did you measure HE-6 drawing 30W?
  7. Clemmaster
    Where did you find that info? I don't recall ever seeing a maximum power handling for the HE-6 [​IMG]
    I know the Audeze headphones have a maximum power of 15W (for 200ms).
  8. Happy Camper
    Yeah, 15w was never seen as a factory supported number.

    I'm sitting on my blown 6s awaiting repair funds. Sigh.......
  9. FredrikT92
    I feel you... 1 month since I shipped my HE-6 to China to get repair...
    I hope I get them within 2 weeks, or before december. 
  10. TonyNewman
    From the needle power meters on the front of my P-4200 power amp. Not super accurate, I know. They have a function where they will catch the peak load for a few seconds (unless topped by another peak). They say that my power amp is hitting around 30% to 40% or its rated output (90W).
  11. Armaegis
    Those meters might not be calibrated for a high impedance load...
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  12. LarsHP
    I saw it somewhere on the net, and thought it was at Head-Direct, but it's not stated there or at the new HiFiMan site. It might not be an official max power value. Don't have the manual available right now either...
  13. headwhacker
    I saw it as well on their old sitel. It's curious that they removed that on their new site. It seems their product specs overall is noticeably lean than the old one [​IMG]
  14. headwhacker
    Am I looking at the same amp here?
    It's rated 500W at 1 ohm load. So would translate to 10W Max on HE-6. Also the power meter appears to be in dB scale.
  15. TonyNewman
    Power meters also have % markings (% of max rated power, I think). These are the lower set of markings and a little hard to see in the picture.
    10W doesn't sound right. It produces a LOT more bass and punch compared to the 430HA (8W) and Taurus (4W).

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