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HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamato8, Apr 26, 2011.
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  1. headphonatic
    I'd only use it with the HE series; with the exception of the 300. Be it science, religion, or voodoo, its sound with the HE-500 is cult inducing. 
    Sounds good, OFC sounds like a nice change
  2. johnman1116
    Finally got my hands on the coveted HE-500 and I have to say, I am very impressed. You know you have a great headphone in your hands when you feel like you are rediscovering music all over again [​IMG] The huge wall of sound it can convey is amazing and I know this has probably been said thousands of times but the bass, mid range and extension on the treble are amazing to my ears. I spent the night going through my playlist and hearing it excel at everything: Classical, Jazz, Rock, Electronic, Vocals. The sound feel BIG and FULL. 
    Obviously I have a serious case of New Toy Syndrome but The last time I was this blown away was when I had the HD 650. I still can't believe I sold it but the journey Head-FI has taken me on has been a mind opening (blowing) experience. I've even slowly been converting my friends or at east showing them that components make a difference. I'm not sure that I can convince them to drop the cash for something like a HE-500 but i'd be happy with something like V-moda or Sennheiser Momentums and the like. 

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is the one. Next stop HD 800 (My Dream Headphone). 
  3. shayson1357
    have you heard the HD800s ?
  4. ThurstonX
    Wall-of-sound.... thank you!  I was driving myself a little crazy trying to differentiate the HE-500s from the HE-560s.  It's been fun to listen to the HE-500s for the past few days, having been forced to abandon them when my second pair went wonky.  The wall-of-sound factor kind of equates to a more spread out sound, which can become a beautiful wash of sound, but details are still there.  Quite different from the detail-oriented HE-560s.  The latter do have a better bass response, IMO, as the HE-500s can be a little rolled off or set back a bit in that gorgeous wash of sound.  But when there's sub-bass present (I always like to test the response with "Stoney Street" by Amon Tobin), the HE-500s can rumble nearly as well as the HE-560s.  The difference is a small thing.
    Of course, the mods I did are affecting the sound from the stock configuration.
    Anyway, nice score, glad you're digging them [​IMG]
  5. Fearless1

    Have you? The HE-500 and HD800 both have their strengths, the HD800 is amazing with synergetic gear. 
  6. amigastar
    Thats what impressed me also from the first minute, the grand and full sound. About 6 months later i still get blown away by them.
    My HP before the he-500 were the AKG K501 which were good but unfortunately almost no bass. Anyway the K501 are outclassed by the Hifiman in about every aspect. I just miss the small weight of the AKG Headphones
    I can say that the biggest improvement in soundquality i got from the HE-500, then the DAC.
  7. goldenSHK
    Hey guys is this a good cable to buy for the HE-6/HE-500 at an affordable price? I am looking for a beater cable that has very good value for the quality I am receiving. I already have high grade xlr cables so I'm not looking for endgame sound/quality. So is this a good beater cable option:

    If not, where else can I get cheap but durable and good cables? 
    I posted this in the HE-6 thread but would like to see what HE-500 fans recommend as well. Thanks. 
  8. roadcykler
    Here's what I posted to another guy up the page looking at the exact cable, "It looks like pretty decent cable and I like that they give you options for the connector and colors. With a 99.8% approval rating I'd say gofer it."
  9. Kiats

    I agree. I heard both the 400i and 560 at the HK AV Show and both running off the EF-6.

    To say that the 400i exceeds the 500 is a statement of hope rather than fact. And I'm not quite sure why there are some suggestions that the 560 is on the same level as the HE-6... except that the HE-6 wasn't being driven properly. :)
  10. shayson1357
    he-6 and "driven properly" in the same sentence....the end is nigh I tell you [​IMG]
  11. goldenSHK
    Thanks roadcykler, I'll get one of those cables. Anyone know if there's any cheaper alternatives that won't disintegrate in your hands? Is $50 for HE cables as low as it possibly can go? 
    Remember that I just want some beater cables. 
  12. shayson1357
    you don't really want to get cheapo cables for your headphone, right ? [​IMG]
  13. .Sup
    Two headphones that sound excellent, each in its own way, very, very well complementing each other.
  14. ThurstonX
    I think it's important to distinguish "cheap" from "inexpensive".  My DIY cables use Mogami W2799 with Neutrik and HiFiMAN connectors.  They are certainly inexpensive, but I put them head-to-head with my fancy schmancy type 2 Litz cryo-treated copper cable (it's a nice enough cable, to be sure), and I can't hear a difference.  I know DIY isn't for everyone, but just because something is inexpensive doesn't mean it's cheap - as in, poorly made and not worth the money, no matter how low the cost.
    I'm happy to admit that I don't have experience with the SPC cables from eBay in question.  That's why I'm curious to hear what actual owners have to say about them.
  15. goldenSHK
    Where can I get the supplies for these "inexpensive" cables? I am not averse at all to DIY. 
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