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HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamato8, Apr 26, 2011.
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  1. DaemonSire
    wow...that's an incredible buy!
    I have the HD-25-1 II and HE500 myself.  HE500 is definitely an upgrade but the HD25 is still a great phone [​IMG]
  2. Espresto
    I live in China, so I was able to take advantage of some of the deals on Taobao (Chinese eBay equivalent). The HD-25's have been very good to me. I started to browse head-fi a few years ago and eventually chose to get the HD-25's, and they've satisfied me completely for the past 2 years, but a few months ago I started to get incredibly bored with them, and decided to take the next step. I think having some variety will allow me to appreciate both cans more [​IMG]
  3. davidsh
    What's the amp of yours?
  4. Espresto
    I'm using a Music Hall a25.2. Listening to the headphones right now, actually. 
  5. davidsh
    I know nothing about the headphone output on the MH, though often the headphone outputs on integrated amps are poor to my understanding. You could consider connecting directly to the speaker tabs (with custom cable).
  6. Espresto
    I looked around and read that the headphone out is decent. I'm still looking for a dedicated headphone amp though. It excites me to know that these headphones have even more potential to be unlocked! I'll look into a custom cable in the meantime. 
  7. ThurstonX
    So, received and have been burning in my third pair of HE-500s.  Since I'd measured the resistance of my other HFM cans, I did the same for these.  32.4 & 33.9 are what I get.  Compare that to the ~50 ohms for my HE-560s.  At that low rating, I decided to see if my li'l JDS Labs C5 portable amp could drive the HE-500s.  I tried it with a previous pair (the first, I think, which I never measured), and it was partial success.  Some things didn't clip - hot masters, I reckon - while others couldn't get loud enough to enjoy without clipping.  While I've only tested one song thus far, the C5 drove them very well, not just from a volume perspective, but quality, which that little amp definitely has.  Sadly, the HE-500s still aren't really portable [​IMG]
    Then I plugged in the 50-ohm HE-560s.... annnnnd quickly took them off.  It just wasn't on, which was predictable.  With the volume max'd on high gain, I could barely hear it.  OK, not that bad, but nowhere near enough power.  I know HFM products vary widely, and even within a particular model, but didn't they say the HE-560s would be easier to drive?  Maybe I'm not remembering that correctly.  Thankfully, my Lyr packs more than enough quality power to make those babies sing.
    So, while I'm not recommending the C5 for the HE-500s, esp. considering my earlier tests, it'll certainly do in a pinch, if your HE-500s have a relative lower resistance.
  8. davidsh
    Fact is, most HE-560's are less efficient than HE-500. Or so it seems.
  9. headphonatic
    Quick question for everyone,
    I need a new replacement cable since my old one broke. Does this look any good, I'm on a budget
  10. shayson1357
    regarding the amplification of the he-500/560/6, what kind of difference can I expect by moving from a budget amp like an o2 for example to a budget speaker amp like the emotiva mini-x ? I'd like to keep amp expenses to a minimum and focus instead on the dac and headphones themselves(leaning more towards getting a used he-6 with the emotiva but I can be convinced otherwise [​IMG] ).
  11. ThurstonX
    That said, I've always been curious about that cable, so if you get it, do post some impressions.  Being SPC, it's a direct replacement for the stock cable.
  12. roadcykler
    It looks like pretty decent cable and I like that they give you options for the connector and colors. With a 99.8% approval rating I'd say gofer it.
  13. headphonatic
    Get the Topping TP60 w/ 
    @ThurstonX and Roadckyler
    Thanks, I'm gonna get one and tell how it is.
  14. elwappo99
    I purchased that cable and have been very happy with it. It's made by our own wje. Really solid cable with 0 microphonics. 
  15. shayson1357
    would the topping with the line level attenuator also work with more sensitive headphones or are they a one trick pony for hifiman cans ?
    more sensitive ie. in the 95-102db range at 32ohms, noise issues? would the headphone drivers blow up ? would they at least become toasty after a few minutes of listening ?[​IMG]
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