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HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamato8, Apr 26, 2011.
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  1. davidsh
    The product to which you link says protein leather earpads, aka. not real leather. We call them pleathers.
  2. chawya22
    You're right, after doing some research, Protein Leather is not real leather. A different approach at calling a sow's ear, a silk purse. I still think they are very comfortable.
  3. Ultramus
    I currently have leather earpads on my he-500, but have been meaning to make some velour ones, just haven't gotten around to it. I like velour comfort, leather sound.
  4. Espresto
    Speaking of mixing pleather and velour, I've just made v.1 jergpads, and I'm working up the courage to go up to v2.5. The v.1 pads are a definite improvement over the stock pads. I think the modded pads tightened up the bass a bit, and the mids extend into the treble more smoothly. I did some pretty extreme angling on the pads too, which noticeably improved the soundstage. I highly recommend making some jergpads.
  5. Jobbing
    For anyone looking for very comfortable leather pads

  6. Ultramus
    Also HiFi, it isn't necessarily that people don't agree with you on things, but honestly you claim that you hear differences with all cables, seemingly. I know from personal experience that I hear no difference between stock, DHC,.and the diy ones I've made with single conductor solid copper wire. And almost always you rate things according to their price point. It is hard to take your cable experiences as credible when you are so consistent. At some point you must have ran into a cable that was more expensive that sounded worse, or sounded identical, but I never see that. But no one said this hobby must have consensus opinions. People in some threads have questioned the validity of my own claims of hearing up to and exceeding 20khz, albeit just barely.
  7. hifimanrookie
    Yes i did come scross with a cable that was more expensive but worse sounding....and as u maybe saw..i dont have silver cables..although they are far more expensive they just dont sound right in my rig..at least the ones i tried..but i dont like to mention a brand in a negative way... Principals....and no..more expensive is in no way my selection criteria...and if u read right u will see it was not all sunshine what i wrote bout my new cable... And another thing..check the he560 thread..and maybe u then see why u maybe dont hear differences between all ur cables...check last pages... Have fun reading :wink:

    And ps..i dont post to be credible..thats up to u guys..i post out of honesty and own personal experience...but always with respect..if i dont like something i try to avoid the issue..as it could affect their sales or reputation..
  8. borrego
    Does anyone know the stock HE-500 "silver" cable is indeed pure silver or just silver plated copper?
  9. hifimanrookie
    silver plated copper
  10. borrego
    Thanks! Then I shall proceed to get some ultra thin gauge silver wires to make myself some replacement cables. The stock cable sounds nice but the microphonic is just too much.
  11. StanD
    Perhaps putting a sleeve around the cable you already have would solve the issue for you. Maybe Paracord has sleeving that would help. Thurston probably knows what to get.
  12. ThurstonX
    I only sleeved my original HE-500 cable with Techflex noise reduction stuff.  It didn't really solve the problem, just reduced it a bit.  The cable is still quite stiff, due to the Teflon coating.  If I were inclined to use that cable and redo the sleeving, I'd probably opt for 550 paracord, esp. from the Y split to the cans.  That might offer enough room inside to really dull the microphonics.  I know with an AKG cable I made that with the paracord pulled too tightly around the wires, it's microphonic.  That's what I base my guess on.
    Now you make me want to redo that cable!
    FWIW, sleeving the stock HE-500 cable is kind of a PITA.  You really need to snip it, add the sleeving in both directions, rig something to hide the Y split (e.g., a ballpoint pen tube), heat shrink... oh yeah, and re-solder after busting out the multi-meter and marking the wires.  I did it because it was a good test project.  And now I use my DIY cables exclusively.  LOL.
  13. StanD
    Seriously, you should consider making custom cables. I'll bet Hifi wants one.
  14. ThurstonX
    It'd take too much time and effort to really perfect the process and offer all the different sorts of cables people would want.  I enjoy it as a challenge from which I derive some direct benefit.  Also, there are so many cable companies out there, they can have that territory.  I'll continue to be the "teach a man to fish" sort of DIYer.
    Still, I'm copyrighting Magick Monkey Cables, and if I see it out there, anywhere, I'll be on the warpath [​IMG]
  15. StanD
    Maybe you can provide some standard models for specific cans and avoid all the customization hassles, other than length. There is the FS forum as a sales vehicle. Could be a means of feeding your problem with HAS (Headphone Acquisition Syndrome).
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