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HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamato8, Apr 26, 2011.
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  1. ThurstonX
    In the US, Redco Audio has the best price for the Mogami that I've seen.  I got it for $0.64/foot, divided by four = $0.16/foot per conductor.  I just buy most stuff from them.  For the SMC connectors, eBay has some seriously inexpensive ones, but I only have experience with HiFiMAN's.  I've read a few times that Double Helix has a slightly different SMC connector that is supposedly easier to solder.  I had no problems with the HFM SMC connectors.  The eBay version(s) may be worth exploring.  I probably would have, if I'd thought about it.
    I like Paracord Planet for the 550 I use as a sleeve.  Check 'em on Amazon, as it's easy to go through all the colors and patterns, and one vendor may still offer free shipping.  I also got a heat shrink variety box from Amazon, but you may want to explore 3:1.  I used 2:1 and it was good.
    If you remove the outer sheath and the inner copper shielding of the Mogami, you end up with a ridiculously light and supple cable.
    I think the total cost of my 10-foot cable was around $20, more than half of which were the HFM SMC connectors.
  2. goldenSHK
    Thanks for the wealth of info, I'll take a look at all this as I try to gather supplies for the cable. I want make a sturdy, not so easily broken cable. I think that the mogami should do the trick. 
  3. ThurstonX
    I'm pretty careful with my cables, though I have rolled over the longer one a few times.  None the worse for wear.  If you're concerned about it, and can sacrifice the suppleness, leave the sheath and shield in place.  Too stiff for what I was after, but it wasn't that bad.
    Good luck.
  4. hifimanrookie
    am not sure if i will post this...but what the heck...
    last saterday i got my 2 new powercables in with very surprising results until now, that even my personal placebo effect couldnt predict. its on a certain point not what i expected for sure...but i mailed the builder about that and he replied  its all about burn-in..and in my case it will take a while as i dont have a power amp to ull enough current through it....oh well
    but what i did find out is this...i now have 4 pairs of powercords at home now..and yesterday i was trying them out..to see what the heck was different with the new cables:
    1 pair is standard powercable u can buy everywhere (for a 1000W PC powersupply)
    1 pair is a premium no name pair of 14AWG (with neutrik connectors)  provided with my PAG
    1 pair is my custommade Aura hifi higher end cables of 14AWG with very expensive connectors (BALS on one side and Avionics 24k gold plated on the other, very heavy and huge) on both sides
    1 pair is the ones i just received 10AWG, the connectors look like basic neutrik connectors.
    and i can tell u that my amp sounded different on all the cables used...the difference between the worst and the best is not even on detail level...u can really hear differences very easily, allthough the new cable is hugely lacking in bass (but very tight and fast!) its still best sounding..
    and no..its no placebo...as i expected the new cable to be better on everything!! right from the start...if the placebo effct would kick in i would be completely wowed now...and i am ..well not really...just partly...as i said..i just expected the bass to be at least on same level as my also very good Aura cables...
    so...u can take it as u wish...placebo or not...to my ears i now found out (by comparing the 4 pairs) that every cable has some impact (some more then others) on my rig..some for better or for worse.....ofcourse my rig needs LOTS of juice to work, as its no portable amp...could that be the reason, that the huge AWG of the new cable makes it sound a bit more free with more fun? cant wait to have it burn in...he said at least 200hrs,,ouch..thats a long time, as i dont really like the bass light signature until now...
    soooo here u have it guys...cables do make a difference..no matter what u say or think... probably if u connect better cables to ur lower end 1w amp it wont matter if u upgrade or not, but a current hungry amp could improve...mine did..except on bass..but i explained that...
    if anyone is indeed interested in a more detail difference between the cables...pls pm me...i have it written down in an very short easy to read txt...
  5. StanD
    Some tests work best while listening to Jimi Hendrix. [​IMG]
  6. Fearless1
    I use a lamp cord to my lower end 1 watt amp, it only requires 100 hours of burn in.
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  7. StanD
    Is that available, shielded?
  8. Fearless1

    If you count the electrical tape I used to cover the bare spots then yes.
  9. StanD
    Does it come with alligator clips at the end? AKA a Suicide Cable, the deluxe version has fuses in each lead.
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  10. elwappo99
  11. hifimanrookie
    Forgot to say: on my rig and to my ears...am sure many of u dont agree with me about this on this thread..but am glad a few are..especially the ones who once were deeply into speaker territory like me., where cables are much more appreciated...but i hope one day..more of the headphone affectionees will see the importance that well chosen cables can be for ur rig...ONE DAY.. :wink:

    oh well..ii am already happy people here acknowledge the 337/339 are actually a very good pairing for any planer (except the he6 maybe).. And dont think anymore its some kind of cheap (its much cheaper then its direct competitors) chinese rubbish stuff..that took 2years...soooo am positive :wink: am a positive dude..but dont worry..i wont ever expect u guys to believe an well designed audio rack or anti-vibration feet will help also... :D
  12. ThurstonX
    Loan me some BREAD, brother, I am ready to see the light!!!!!
    Praise Jeebus.
    Peace out.
    Homer Simpson
  13. Espresto
    What are your thoughts on velour pads vs. pleathers? 
  14. chawya22
    Not really a comment on velour vs 'pleather' but your pads may actually be real leather. When I first received mine a few weeks ago and as soon as I opened the case, I instantly noticed a very peculiar odor coming from the pads. Not really bad, just unexpected. The headband had that distinctive vinyl feel, whereas the pads were different. I just happened on this description on the Head Direct site (see below). Not that it really matters but there's more premium quality in the HE 500 than I anticipated.
    As a note, the description says as of Sept 7 but doesn't give a year. I still haven't tried the included velour pads because I find the leather ones very comfortable. 
  15. Espresto
    You know, you might be right. I just thought they were particularly nice pleathers haha.
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