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HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamato8, Apr 26, 2011.
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  1. ThurstonX
    As you hinted, the only way is to redesign them.  I haven't read any comparisons of the HE-400i vs. the HE-500s, but I'm really curious.  Once I've modded and burned in my new HE-500s (and they seem new, not refurbished, though they could be; have that "new cans" smell [​IMG]), I'll do some semi-serious comparisons with the HE-560s.  Just putting on the 500s to make sure they work OK, they weight was shocking after wearing the 560s.  And those velour pads!  Brutal, just brutal.
  2. ThurstonX
    Yeah, from a DIY standpoint, I don't see there's much to be done.  I'm sure the bulk of the weight is due to the magnets.
  3. StanD
    You sure that the smell wasn't from the previous owner's earwax?
  4. Ultramus

    Of course the driver comprises the majority of the weight, but maybe we could reduce the other materials, maybe a lighter headband. I mean I really have no complaints about the weight or comfort really, I tolerate it. Just curious how much room to play is there, if the drivers are 90% of the equation not much we can do, but if they are only 60%, maybe we could shave off 100g or so, I would say that'd be stellar.
  5. StanD
    There's not much to the headband. I wouldn't want to start messing with the cups. I have a feeling that the magnets are by far the biggest culprit. Some people put foam under the headband and feel better about that. Worth a try?
  6. borrego
    May I ask you to do the 560/500 with the Focus pad on the 500? I am now using the Focus pads the HE-500 and it is miles ahead in terms of comfort compare to the stone hard stock velour pads. I am interested in the HE-560 and would like to know a fair comparison with the HE-500 with both open grid and Focus pads.
    But I will suppress my GAS for now and wait for another 3 years till they discount the HE-560 like the HE-500 now. Given all the quality issues and revision histories of all other HIFIMAN phones, I have learnt the best way/time to buy any HIFIMAN phone is to buy a slightly used pair at time of discounted price.
  7. ThurstonX
    Sure, but it'll be a few days.  While the FocusPads are indeed better than the old velours, I still find them far too small and cramped for my ears.  I'll try to do a fair listen with FocusPads on both, though.
  8. borrego
    Thanks! I am also waiting for the Q701 pads from Soundsgoodtome to arrive and then I shall try them on the HE-500. I think the Q701 pads are the pads with the largest opening. For now I will settle with the Focus Pads as they are comfortable.
    I have already thought of a way to make 4 clips with plastic sheet to clip the Q701 pads to the HE-500.
  9. ThurstonX
    re: the Q701 pads, they're definitely the largest I've found.  I butchered mine to create pads for the HE-560s (stock, they don't fit under the yokes), but they're a little on the dark side sound-wise.  Still, they make for a nice alternative.  The Q701 pads are quite firm (I wouldn't say stiff, like the HFM velours), but for me they made the HE-500s sound their best.  YMMV, of course.  If neither of my homemade pads work out with my HE-500s, I'll be ordering another pair of Q701 pads for sure.
    Good luck adapting the Q701 pads to the HE-500s.  I went the simple route and just stuck them to the HFM mounting rings using carpet tape.  They were rock solid, but beware that it's a fairly permanent solution.  If you're just experimenting, simple double-sided tape will work temporarily.
  10. Liu Junyuan

    Check out Jerg's review of the 400i. He compared it with the 500 and seems to indicate the 400i outperferforms and matches the qualities of the 500. It's as if the 400i were an upgraded 500, based on his review.
  11. ThurstonX
    Thanks, I'll look for it [​IMG]
  12. borrego

    I found Jerg's review of 400i and 560 a bit overly enthusiastic on the new models. Many reviewers in the Chinese forums think the HE400i is a definite improvement over the HE400 but not quite at the HE500 level. The single side magnet drivers of the 400i still cannot match the precise control of the HE500 dual side magnet drivers for intrument separation and layering.

    Many Chinese reviewers think the HE500 and HE560 are about equal in sound quality, just having different sound signature like the DT880 comparing to the DT990.
  13. Liu Junyuan

    Thank you! I didn't even know there was a Chinese forum, unless you mean another site? What site are you referring to? I can write and speak some Chinese.
  14. borrego
    Other sites. One of those are http://www.headphoneclub.com/forum-5-1.html
    The mainland Chinese are getting rich now. You don't see much discussions on lower end equipment there now.
  15. Espresto
    Just purchased a slightly used HE-500 with all the original accessories for $370. It should be in my hands tomorrow. I'll be using an integrated speaker amplifier with a headphone out to power it. It should have enough power, but I'll just have to wait and see. I'm upgrading from an HD-25-ii, so this is a real quantum leap for me. I'm ecstatic!
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