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Hifiman he-400i Impressions and Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MattTCG, Jan 8, 2014.
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  1. drwlf
    Additionally; forgot to mention that all pad-rolling changes the FR curve, and is an easy and revertable hw method to try to amend perceived problems/annoyances with any cans.
    The difference isn't often huge - they're still the same cans, but quite noticeable nonetheless.
    Most people who have pad-rolled with the 400i have been either trying to amend the treble peaks or boost sub-bass, or both.
  2. Meffaliss
    Since the connectors aren't a major issue, I don't think I will contact HIFIMAN just yet since it's not a huge issue in day to day usage. Thanks you guys for your input, I appreciate it.
    Mine's in low gain on my Objective 2 (1x / 2.5x) [​IMG] 
  3. Selbi
    I just found these on eBay for 230$ new. That sounds a little good to be true, considering the MSRP is 500$. Is this legit?
  4. drwlf

    They've gone for 229$ non-ebay a few times already.
  5. Selbi
    Whoa, good to know. I was about to willingly pay 400 bucks because I thought it would be the best possible deal for a new set.
  6. MWSVette

    They are currently out of stock, but watch here,
    They become available at that price regularly...
  7. Selbi
    Oh hell yeah, this is amazing! Gonna get them as soon as they're in stock again.

    Has this price been in effect for a while now or did this only recently kick in?
  8. InsTwin
    They were selling for $249 around Black Friday/Christmas on Amazon and a few other sites, the prices changed back to normal in January but you can still find them for $229-$249 some places.
  9. zerolight
    Someone pointed out they are on headamp right now. $249 open Box and $299 sealed. However I have gambled on eBay seller.
  10. zerolight
    They aren't HE400i. Completely different mounting. Agree they don't look good.
  11. tiger roach
  12. zerolight

    Looks like they are the M1060 from Monolith.
    George Taylor likes this.
  13. AT Khan

    Yes these are the Monoprice 1060... the much awaited cans, bending out in directions unknown...

    Yeah then this surely is a QC issue... Monoprice better not let customers *SNAP* lol.
    So with all my understanding I think the 560 is built just great while the 1060 suffers... I had much more hopes for the bigger brother.
    I guess half of our community is ordering these like crazy, while the other half, including myself, is gonna sit back and see how these actually 'unfold' lol
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  14. drwlf
    Wrong thread.
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