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Hifiman he-400i Impressions and Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MattTCG, Jan 8, 2014.
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  1. tiger roach

  2. waflet
    Exactly! The low end is absolutely there, I would just like it to be brought up a little bit.
    I’m very new to all of this, so this is an honest question…
    Why would the mk1+ & vali2 be recommended but not the mk2 or 336?
  3. mandrake50
    They go plenty low when the program material is there. Really, sub-bass say below 50 hz  is just not really there in most program material.
    In talking to many, and letting them listen to different headphones, they feel that this 50 to 90 hz stuff is sub bass.. it simply is not.
    That is why the default crossover on many quality receivers for REAL SUB woofers is around 80 hz.. If one has capable mains...
    If we look at most modern recordings there is not much down there to hear... or really feel. Some electronica... pure synth stuff has some output in those frequencies, but still not that much.
    When I first got my 400i, I was really impressed with how the bass sounded  with acoustic instruments. Double bass, going down  to maybe 40 Hz sounds so .. live. Bass drums sound great too.. Organ with true fundaments at or about 20 Hz reveal those notes. Not like a pair of 15" inch woofers in a well tuned room with a KW of power each... but really, there can be no comparison between that scenario and headphones... any headphones.
    From the FR perspective. Of course there is the "impact" part, but that is much higher in frequency. The 400i is fine for low bass within the confines of what headphones can do.
    Yes, I think that many times people mistake that lack of what is really midbass thump to be a lack of sub bass...
  4. dubharmonic

    The Vali 2 and the 400i are a killer combo! It's addictive.
  5. mandrake50

    So is the Ember 2 and the H10..
    This whole headphone/audio thing is addictive ( primarily the reason that we are all here)... and costly..
  6. DavidA
    The Mk2 and 336 are OTL design amps with higher output impedance which you don't want for low impedance planar headphones where the Mk1 and Vali2 are hybrid (tube/SS) with lower output impedance.
  7. drwlf
    These measurements are for the older version of 400i, which has a backplate with SMC connectors, which seem to add the sub-bass a bit.
    TL;DR the newer 2.5mm connector version doesn't have a backplate.
    It's been documented that the newer backplateless version has a a bit of roll-off, as measured later several times by some people on in this thread & other websites, it's just that the measurements have had differing amounts of sub-bass as they're not comparable, and there seems to be a lot of unit variation as well.
  8. WriterHead

  9. drwlf
  10. pbarach
    I have the newer version. I'm hearing 20 Hz organ pedal without a problem. So if there is unit variation, mine has a "good variation" as far as bass goes.
  11. wigglepuff
    Try it here on optimal volume level
    I also have the new version with the 7 bar backplate, 2.5 plug connector and focusA pads, the 20hz is rolled off compared to my X1 where it really rumbles. But the 400i is cleaner sounding due to no mid bass hump and cleaner highs.
    Also check your ears for hearing loss which can be found in that link (better if you can see an ear doctor for a more accurate test), a lot of people claim to hear things without even realizing the amount of hearing loss they already have especially at the 200hz down range which is more prone to damage in urban life.
  12. snellemin
    I have a vid of a JVC headphone doing 15Hz with no problems, so the impact can be felt.  It does take a bit more with the 400i to feel any impact(but not at 15hz), due to the planar drivers vs dynamic drivers.
  13. pbarach
    I'm not hearing much over 12 kHz--I know this from an audiology visit as well as the tests at that website. Not much hearing loss below that, given my age, but audiologists don't test as low as 20 Hz.
  14. InsTwin
    I've been using the HM5 Angled Velour pads on these for a couple of weeks while I used the HM5 Flat Hybrids with the THX00.  Just ordered a pair of HM5 Flat Sheepskins to go on the THX00 and switched the Flat Hybrids back onto my HE400i and gotta say, these are the pads for me.  Bass (sub and mid) response is increased over the Velour, and they just sound better all around to my ears.
    I may roll the sheepskins on them after hearing them on the THX00 for a bit, but it's nice to remember why I liked the Flat Hybrids so much to begin with.
  15. InsTwin

    Using this test and a bass frequency test album on Spotify I can say that I hear down to 15hz, but 15hz-20hz sounds rolled off in comparison 25hz-30hz.
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