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Hifiman he-400i Impressions and Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MattTCG, Jan 8, 2014.
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  1. Voxata
    The Jot balanced offered better detail and depth of sound. Layering is fantastic. Didn't pair well with Bifrost 4490 IMO. When I switched to Modi Multibit things started sounding really, really good.
  2. Zimtron
    I'm debating on ordering the NFB-11 or getting a modi multibit for my magni2.
  3. Mr Makarov
    I have a hard time...for EDM and vocal melodic trance I just can not pick HE400i over HE400 ("slightly" modded). Sound good but...not better. Srry. Sidegrade? I was just convinced that HE400i would destroy and humiliate the original HE400. But it seem to be more like a flavor thing. HE400i are NOT clearer than original HE400! Why? Why not? They should be! I wanted them to be much better than HE400. They are not. Puzzled.
  4. DavidA
    you are not the only one, for some genres I like my modded HE-400 over the 400i.
  5. Zimtron
    Perhaps you should elaborate instead of rambling on about nonsense we all have to decipher?
    I would be a fool to think my old 598's would be any significantly different than the new HD599.
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  6. InsTwin
    I went from a Modi to a Modi Multibit to pair with my Magni 2 Uber, and have been quite happy, but haven't really tried to A/B the DACs at all.
  7. wigglepuff
    Hmm the sub bass on the HE400 is really rolled off so the test weren't wrong but this sounds amazing overall compared to the X1 and best with warm sounding dacs. Oh well its back to the X1 when I want to mush my brain with edms' and wacky pop music.
  8. DavidA
    The 400i and 400 are quite different sounding, 400i is bright mid forward while the 400 is "V" shaped with much better sub-bass, recessed mids and can be sibilant in the highs
    HE400 sub-bass is not rolled off, if anything the HE-400i is slightly rolled off and X1 is more muddy/bloated bass, all different so pick your preference.
  9. Voxata
    If anyone has interest I'm closing out some 2.5mm based cables for the 400i at part cost. Send me a PM, these are quality weaved 5N cables.
  10. MtnMan307
    Do any of you also own or have experience with the K7xx?  I've had a pair for almost a year now and run them with a Vali 2 / Modi Multibit stack. 
    I'm curious about the HE400i, maybe not to replace the K7s, but as my first planar and hopefully a step up from the K7s in most categories. I started out with just the Vali 2 and got the Mimby a month ago, so I find myself running a $200 headphone with a $418 stack.  I really enjoy the combo...but...I know the headphone will have the biggest impact on the sound of a system.  
    The other can I'm interested in is the HD6xx if it drops again on Massdrop.  It may be too close to the AKG I have now though.
  11. DavidA
    HE400i and HD650/6XX are different sound signatures from the K7XX, should make for good complimentary headphones.
    The HD650/6XX are closer in sound to the K7XX while the HE400i is a bit brighter over all, also since I don't have a Vali2 I don't know how all with compare on it, for me I  use a BH Crack for the HD650, Project Ember for K7XX and headphone output of UD-301 for the HE400i.
  12. Jesse Oh
    This track demonstrates the low-reaching bass i find: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-fdkLFZghs
  13. Mikko Peltonen
    Made a balanced cable for my Hifimans. I'm yet to test if it sounds any different than SE. The volume difference is huge, though.
  14. wigglepuff
    For testing, set your headphone volume to optimal audible not super loud to get the proper result.
  15. Voxata
    Interesting weave choice,
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