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Hifiman he-400i Impressions and Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MattTCG, Jan 8, 2014.
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  1. wigglepuff
    The 400i treble when paired with the A5 makes me dizzy.
    I sound tested both the fidelio X1 and He 400i using the A5 amp and e10k dac at audiohack.net's sound test and tried to match the volume as clsoe as possbile. The X1's frequency Responcse at 10hz>>200hz is better and starts producing at 20hz, while the He 400i starts at 30hz so why are most reviews stating that the HE 400i has better bass reach? whaaaaaaaaat????
    The 400i is a little bit better in the high freq but not much.
  2. Mikko Peltonen

    Yea, I don't get that either. The general opinion here and on the Internet seems to be that Jotunheim is the best in its class.
  3. zerolight
    What's the deal with the cheap $249 HE400I on eBay? Are they genuine? I see they are $449 direct from Hifiman. Here in they UK they are £360. $249 feels like a steal.
  4. MWSVette

    Here in the US they were for sale on Amazon for $249.00 for months around the holidays.
  5. CoFire

    Yeah, I'm interested in the better alternatives also. I haven't heard the Jotunheim but I'm very interested. Do you have any impressions?
  6. Jesse Oh

    I got mine for 230 USD (open box but brand new unused) and they are legit.
  7. zerolight
    Cheers! I'll keep that in mind. Anyone buy from this seller?
    or this guy
  8. drwlf
    Straight from HiFiMan, refurbished 400i: http://store.hifiman.com/index.php/he-400i-506.html
    229$, but out of stock atm.
  9. Voxata
    I've used the Jotunheim with 400i and 560. It's quite stellar. A little EQ on the mid treble though, very minor. Recommend very much over the Asgard 2 and Lyr 2.
  10. zerolight
  11. drwlf

    It has varied from time to time. Lowest I know atm a refurbished from Europe is 320€. Don't really check the prices that often, picked mine a year ago for 300ish €.
    Edit: a brand new that is.
  12. zerolight
    Where in Europe do you recommend?
  13. drwlf

    There's some brick & mortar stores with an online presence where the prices are decent and deals pop up, Advanced Mp3 Players/UK, Zococity/ES, Son-Vidéo/FR etc., but the ordering can be a bit annoying every now and then as you often have to directly deal with the store, and/or the website is in the native language. The EU deals thread btw. is dead, that's really no use.
    Setting up Amazon alerts via tracking sites camelcamelcamel/Keepa etc., can be more useful and of convenience, especially if you're after used stuff - just as long as the fake sellers don't pop up too often, which has actually been going on for ages now.
    Doing some menial work/monitoring for a few weeks/months towards a product via an eBay listing tracking, you often find EU stores that way as well.
  14. zerolight
  15. Zimtron

    Wow, really?
    Can you explain ... :)
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