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Hifiman he-400i Impressions and Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MattTCG, Jan 8, 2014.
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  1. DavidA
    Can't help you since I haven't used a E10K, I have a Modi2uber and its good, for 1/4 the price of my Bimby its a great deal and depending the individual some like the akm4490(modi2uber) better than the ad5547 (Bimby) chip.  I still like the pcm1704 or pcm1795 chips but these are getting harder to find these days due to cost and I think the 1704 has been discontinued.
  2. wigglepuff
    stick with the dac, get a more powerful amp. Dac's at this price range wont sound that much different.
  3. GirgleMirt
    Btw, I've quickly tried the above EQ setting, and I was about to say that it looks like it would do a great job to counter the 'ringing' at 4k and 12k of the measured he400i, but looking at the EQ settings, it's actually misses both 2.5k vs 4k & 8k vs 12k...!  Is there some reason why the above EQ would work despite seeming to miss the mark given the measurements? Should all 400i measure all very similar or could there be such difference between samples?
    And also, anybody else care to comment on the above EQ curve?  I had a bit of a trouble yesterday trying to decide if it sounded better with it on or off...  The above EQ though does seem to sound super smooth (in terms of removing sound forwardness / harshness)...  Maybe even a bit too much so, as the headphones seemed to then lack a bit of dynamism/excitement, just seemed less detailed/present, especially female vocals seemed to be somewhat a bit clearer temporal-wise (less harshness 'residueness'?) but seemed to sound a bit more off in the tonality... (NOTE: This isn't a final verdict at all, just a though after 1-2m of listening to part of one track....)
    [​IMG]     I guess I should try to move the 2 dips a few khz to make them match the 'ringing' in the CSD...  That's basically what we should aim for trying to 'fix' the 400i no?  According to graph, 6dB should be enough, which might why the dips were so big on the EQ setting, removing that much hits the 'right' frequencies via brute force? (kinda like using a shotgun not quite hitting the mark vs scalpel directly on target...)  Looks like even adding a 3rd dip at 6k could also help!
  4. Zimtron

    I have a Magni2, not sure how much more power I would ever need.
    Has anyone upgraded the cable on their 400i? Will it make much of a difference compared to the stock one?
  5. GU1DO
    For me the Mojo is pefect with HE400i ,, but they scale nicely with the HP-A8 , more meat on the bone :)
  6. Jesse Oh
    I don't like the length of the stock cable so i bought a 2.5m HD700 cable from ebay: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Audio-upgrade-Cable-For-Sennheiser-HD700-HD-700-SHURE-SRH1840-SRH1540-SRH1440-/151724300069?var=&hash=item2353791725:m:msB9y_2KcVIg0ClpqdT3rHQ
  7. mks100
    I have the new AudioQuest NightHawk Cable w/ Mic. that I have used with the 400i (DragonFly Red w/ Vali 2).  I cannot hear a difference.  YMMV.
  8. drwlf
    I hope I don't sound too rude, but that EQ is pretty awful, but if it floats your boat, and you're happy, why not.
    The need to cut 8dB at some point of the curve seems rather extreme, I'd go for a different set of cans altogether at that point.
  9. circlecrystal
    Personally, I prefer to avoid any EQ. Ymmv.
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  10. HungryPanda
    I'm in this camp
  11. InsTwin
    I use EQ, but my bumps are much more subtle.  I lower 4k-12k by a couple dBs, and bump 20-80 by a couple dBs.  Nothing more than +/- 3 dBs and I roll into and out of that peak EQ point.
  12. circlecrystal
    I use Elemental Watson's tube adjustment knob to adjust EQ below 3dB, and rolling new tubes for anything above 3dB.

    Since it's all anolog, everything sounds natural and smooth --- without those digital EQ harshness / stridency / sacrifice of image positioning / narrowed soundstage / ill-timed transients / digital jitter feel side-effects.
  13. Zimtron

    That's a bit disappointing :frowning2:
    I kind of wish these cans had more potential (I like modding things, cars especially), I think that's why the T50's are so popular.
  14. DavidA
    If you want to have fun modding then go with a Grado clone made with various 3rd party drivers.  Different wood types and shapes of cups, dynamat, felt, sorbothane and ear pads all make a difference in how you can tune them to your liking.  I've posted a few pictures some of my builds in this thread or you can go to my profile to see more.
  15. drwlf

    Additionally @GirgleMirt, use an analysis panel to reflect the actual changes via EQ to confirm/estimate what's happening, always use a (negative) pre-amp option to avoid clipping if you're boosting something (or cut everything besides the part you want to boost the most).
    For any newcomers to EQ with 400i, I'd suggest combating the 6-9k peak a bit (especially if it troubles you, otherwise aiming for a wee bit more neutral and linear FR curve, but personally: not too much to avoid changing the addicting characteristics of 400i), along with combating the slight roll-off of the sub-bass if it exists in your 'phones.
    Any other EQ options just to suit your personal tastes, if absolutely required, and/or you want to fiddle something besides the obvious.
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