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Hifiman he-400i Impressions and Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MattTCG, Jan 8, 2014.
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  1. coreypine
    I sold my HE-400 on Amazon and bought the HE-400i on ebay; the difference was $60.  I paid $230 for the 400i.  
    For my ears, the 400i is much better and well worth the $60 upgrade price. Is it worth $200 more? No.  
    But yes, you can get the 400i deeply discounted from full retail.
    Bottom line:  HE-400i is a very nice can for many types of music enjoyment. I listen to House, Jazz, classical, hip-hop, rock.   Amp is Nuforce.   Files are Lossless. Alos own AK-701, AudioTech ATH-M50X, Grado SR225
  2. Zimtron
    So it took the wife about 3 weeks to tell me these bleed too much, the point where we have to start shutting doors.

    I guess she didn't want to break it to me since she knew how excited I was for them [​IMG]
    Sigh, anything relate to these in closed back?
  3. paradoxology
    Oppo PM-3, perhaps. Closed, good isolation, planar magnetic, detailed sound, and quite comfortable.
    Inner Fidelity Hall of Fame review:
  4. DavidA
    EL8 closed, EtherC, Alpha Prime, Edition S (?)
  5. Mani ATH 87
    I'm very happy with my Asgard 2 and 400i,it feels like a solid pairing.
  6. peter123
    After having the HD650 for a couple of weeks now there's no doubt in my mind that the HE400i are a superior all-rounder. The HD650, to me falls in the same camp as my SR325is in being absolutely amazing with some music and good but not great with other. The HE400i to me sounds sublime with everything I listened to with it having better subbass and treble extension while the HD650 ha a very enjoyable lush midrange but rolls off too early in both ends to be a great all-rounder.

    I still think it's strange that these two are being put up against each other so often as they're quite different sounding.

    I think that the HE400i is technically better because it performs on a higher level throughout a larger part of the frequency spectrum. Apart from that people looking for more mid- and upper bass presence and a warmer, lusher, more intimate sound would be best of with the HD650 while people valuing a more airy presentation, more subbass impact and extensions in addition to better treble extension and clarity would probably enjoy the HE400i more.

    They're both pretty equally hard/easy to drive in my experience with a wide variety of sources. I really don't find one being more picky about sources than the other either but they do tend to perform their best with different sources which is quite natural to me due to their different characteristics. They're both also equally good at presenting details in the music, this may actually sound more impressive on the HD650 given its overall lush presentation. The HE400i feels lighter and faster in its presentation while still packing more low end rumble. The HD650 feels a bit slower and softer making them more silky and seductive sounding. To me they're both extremely comfortable but overall build quality feels more reliable on the HD650.

    I'll definitely be keeping the HD650 in my collection as well as its midrange presentation is extremely good.

    Just my 2c on these two so far......
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  7. zerolight

    Where did you get them for $230? New? Used? I've seen a few ebay sellers doing them for $250 but they are so different to the rest of their stock that I am suspicious it's a scam.
  8. Sound Eq
    can i ask is it possible to change the original pads with audeze pads on the 400 i
    can anyone send me a link if that has been posted with pictures to do so
  9. AT Khan

    No scam. I bought mine from headroom. 100% legit. Though there was a wait cuz of order pileup.
    BTW I'm thinking maybe Hifiman laid them off in fear of the Monolith 560/1060 where the 1060 might just straight up and beat the 400i on ALL ACCOUNTS.
    Either way, you may wanna check those out instead. The build is just fantastic, and trumps Hifiman... and maybe the 1060 trumps the 400i in sound too.
    My upgrade path will be that... but later. For now, gonna enjoy my 400i.
  10. AT Khan

    On a personal note... I'd recommend you these $5 pads instead.
    I've tried all my pads, original Focus, HM5 Hybrid, HM5 angled leather... you name it.
    I've settled for these and haven't looked back.
    They keep loudness still, with not much driver distance. Comfy. Bass... yeah they add that missing bass. AND they're still open as velour or suede.
    AND... they are stick-on. They have a hard, adhesived? ring at the edge. Just put them on and press and viola! Pull em off and they come off - no residue.
    No need for the mounting ring. No need of anything. Plug and play 5hit!
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  11. Nachash
    Bought one on ebay for $233 + shipping and customs, still on the way though. They just left the US

    Interesting, thanks for the tip!
  12. Sound Eq
    the reason I thought of alpha dogs pads is that I felt the clamping force on my head was not enough and its loose 
    i like headphones with a good clamping force so I thought maybe adding alpha pads can solve this
    unless there is another way to increase the clamping force with using the pads u suggested
  13. AT Khan

    Clamping force? This is sure a first. I mean I have no complaints whatsoever... did u try adjusting the sliders and stuff? It'll only loosen it up a bit more as these SteelSeries pads are thinner than even the focus pads, so I don't think that would quite work out as far as clamping is concerned.
    I could tell you they would sound better otherwise, but I can't much say about the clamping on these things. I actually never did realize there'd be issues with the clamp btw, regardless of the pads used. Kind of lost here with what you bring to the table. If I have any clamping complaints with these cans, or especially the Senns, it's of more and not of less.
  14. Sound Eq
    to me the fitting is loose and do not have the clamping force as compared to audeze or my oppo pm1
  15. sovereign

    Headamp has open box for $224 shipped with HEADFI10 promo code.
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