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Hifiman 801 Appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by greenleo, Sep 29, 2009.
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  1. ianmedium
    Thanks so much for that, I will give it a go! On another note has anyone experienced slight and very occasional electrical sounds when listening to the 801. The sound like tiny versions of eighties video games if that makes sense. There is no regularity to it and it can only be heard on very quiet passages and only lasts for a second and then is gone never to be heard until a card is changed but that is not always the case
  2. ianmedium
    Just downloaded and loaded the .19 firmware and just tried the 24/96 dusty springfield dusty in memphis album. It appears slightly better instrument separation and a little more depth to her voice. Will try some more later and report back but thanks for this. I think so far I prefer the .19 to the .23
  3. ianmedium

    Thank you so much for this recommendation!

    The difference is not subtle and is most certainly to my ears more musical (.19 vs.23)
    Currently listening to a Wav rip from CD of Dorati's Respghi's Ancient Airs and Dances. In comparison to .23 there is more air and lightness, strings feel more etehral and yet have better weight and texture.

    Separation of instruments and sections in the orchestra are better defined and go back deeper into the sound stage. At this moment listening to a Flute and Harp solo and flute is breathy and delicate, harp strings convey so well the delicacy and tone of that instrument. I thought the 801 sounded great this takes it further along that road.

    There is an increased effortlessness to the delivery of music. I would highly recommend anyone who loves classical do this backdate as it really portrays classical well.
  4. dallan Contributor
    Glad to hear all of this because looking at my 801, the last time I updated was to version .19
    i guess being behind has its benefits. [​IMG]
  5. ianmedium
    One thing I have noticed since backdating is that a couple of my cards show up as no file when I put them in and switch on the player. Funny thing is that when I take them out and reinsert them when the player is switched on they work. Anyone have any ideas on that. It is an 8g kingston card and I think the patriot 16g card. All the rest are fine.

    I know Lars said it causes no problems to load and unload cards whilst the player is on but Eric from HiFi man advised not to. Does everyone else swap cards whilst the player is on? I seem to have no ill effects in doing it that way but I usually pay heed to what the manufacturer says but if the masses have done it for years with no ill effect then so will I as it will save a lot of hassles!

    Oh yes, I took all the music of the effected cards, reformatted them and loaded the music back on but it still occurred.
  6. LarsHP
    There is a very long thread about which cards work with the HM-801 (and other HM players) and which don't. The problem you describe is unfortunately well known - also to me. However, not with firmware v0.21 (that I use) and apparently not 0.23 either.

    One of the issues is and was with the older firmwares, that max Class 4 SDHC cards are (officially) compatible with the HiFIMan players. (HM-901 is the first HM player to accept SDXC cards without formatting to FAT32.) So - if your cards are Class 10 or somthing like that, then you will often have problems as experienced.
  7. ianmedium
    Thanks Lars, the only two cards I have issue with are a class 4 8g kingston and a class 6 16g patriot, my class 10 PNY and class 6 lexar and class 4 sandisk all work fine! I switched back to .23 today but must admit I much prefer the sound of v.19 so will stick with that and just get more lexars. Thank goodness that now they are so cheap in comparison to when this was an issue before!
  8. HungryDaze
    I've told you right from the beginning that this problem is easy to be solved. :) All you have to do is to make a dualboot firmware (0.19 + Rockbox). I've already made one, so download it from here: http://nekaka.com/d/UrAsswYnh4 Put the IMG file into the internal memory, and the .rockbox folder on your SD card. If you press the power button - Rockbox will load, if you press power + any other button - 0.19 will load, and you won't need to reinsert your SD card. I've already mentioned it several times in my previous posts.
  9. ianmedium
    Sorry hunger daze, when you mentioned this I though you meant I had to instal rockbox on my machine which I do not want as I have heard it creates problems and is buggy, but from what your saying this is not installing rockbox just adding to the problem SD cards, is that correct?

    Please treat me as a complete idiot with thes things as I have no idea!
  10. ianmedium
    thank you for the link. I downloaded it however there is only one file in the folder, the image file, no .rockbox folder
  11. HungryDaze
    Rockbox works perfectly with HM-801, don't worry. There can be some problems with HM-60x Slim, but not with HM-801, all the problems have been fixed long time ago. I ment that you have to install Rockbox and 0.19 at the same time. You will be able to use both. I use Rockbox only as a file manager, because 0.19 sounds better.
    All the files are in the archive (Windows 8). Check again. 
    1. Put "HM-801.IMG" into the internal memory of HM-801.
    2. Put ".rockbox" folder on you SD cards.
    3. Turn off the device, then press Power + any other button to load the stock firmware. Pressing just the power button loads Rockbox.
  12. ianmedium
    Thanks so much for your help. i am on a Mac, does that make a difference? I downloaded the link again but the folder just shows the image file. Thanks so much for your time and help with this. Does this mean if i have rock box I will also have gapless as I listen to classical in the main and that would be a nice bonus!
  13. LarsHP
    I have helped desperate head-fi'ers getting rid of RockBox - also the latest version and also very recently. This however, has been 60x models I should add. Personally I am never going back to RB because of my own disastrous experience with RB on my 801. I did manage to "resurrect" it, but never ever RockBox for me again. Concider yourself warned.

    With RB you can play hi res files, yes, but they will be down scaled to CD format (44.1kHz/16 bit). Gapless is of course nice, but I have joined my classical multitrack files into one file for the 801 and then they are played "gapless".
  14. ianmedium
    Thanks Lars. I have decided not to toolbox for your given reasons and also as it is only two of my cards affected so instead I have ordered two more lexars that I know will work. Combine that with that you have had no issues hot loading cards and that I really like the standard os on the 801!
  15. ianmedium
    Ruddy phone, I meant rockbox not toolbox!
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