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Hifiman 801 Appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by greenleo, Sep 29, 2009.
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  1. HungryDaze
    You can try adding replay gain to the metadata of your files. Rockbox understands this parameter. This way you won't have any disbalance even with more gain power.
    Few days ago I got my SYMMcard amplifier. A wonderful amp that sounds exactly like the line out. I will translate my impressions soon.
  2. ianmedium
    Yay! My 801 is here and I have just plugged in one of my SD cards and all works perfectly! Lovely sound and I can already tell it is superior to my CLAS/Classic set up in terms of musicality, love it.

    I have just plugged it in to charge, there is a green light on the charger, how do I know when its fully charged?

    I enclose a picture. When I opened the box it had what looks like another amp module. I thought first that I had to put the amp module in but when I opened the back there was an amp already! Does anyone know what this is?

  3. klfl
    For full sized headphones.
  4. ianmedium
    Thats great, thanks so much!

    Any idea on the charging also?
  5. ClieOS Contributor
    You can't tell whether it is fully charged or not by the LED. You have to turn the player on to see. However, I usually just leave it overnight for charging.
  6. ianmedium

    Oh thats great, thank you!
  7. LarsHP
    I check the temperature of the battery cover: warm = still charging, room temperature = charging complete.
  8. ClieOS Contributor
    I do that sometime as well :)
  9. ianmedium
    Really great advice Lars, thank you!

    Sorry to be asking such obvious questions but plowing through the thread sand official stuff I cannot find the answers!

    Is it right that it has 8G of on board flash? If that is so I though I might put a few free 24/96 FLAC recordings on to it. Do I simply plug the unit in via the USB and then drag the files onto the internal flash memory?
  10. ClieOS Contributor
    Copy and paste. The internal memory are different at the later batch, I think, so I can't be sure. However, do NOT try to format the internal memory.
  11. ianmedium
    That's great thanks, I went ahead and tried simply dragging a FLAC 24/96 file onto it and there were no issues.

    I am sitting, as I type, in my local coffe shop listening to a Wav Alison Krauss with my ety ER4S and the on board amp I feel negates the need to keep my blackbird so I think I will be putting that up for sale in the near future.

    Out of my tube amp and piano fortes last night was somewhat of a revelation. I have been completely content with my CLAS/Classic set up but this goes beyond that in terms of quality by a not inconsiderable margin. Much more headroom, authority, detail and musicality.

    I must also be very odd as I have found navigation and use very intuitive, much prefer the buttons to the apples wheel and can operate them very easily in the dark.

    Is there burn in with this player?
  12. LarsHP
    I would expect very good synergy with the ER4S since the 801 is slightly dark sounding and the Ety you have is bright and has high impedance.
  13. ClieOS Contributor
    Didn't notice any. Just use it as it is.
  14. ianmedium
    Thanks Clie, I had a feeling there was none. I really appreciate all your help over the past week with all of this, thank you!
  15. ianmedium
    This player has really turned out to be the best choice for me. Like the piano fortes and the TU-05 amp which I chose on gut feeling this one also is proving to be a winner.

    Wether directly out of the 801 with my Etymotic ER4S's or through the line out into my SET tube amp and piano fortes this little player excelles in every way and dimension over my previous CLAS/Classic set up. It feels unforced and very natural. I can listen for hours without fatigue and am rediscovering albums I thought I knew so well.

    I have said the same about my previous equipment upgrades mind but truly this reaches a higher plain than those comments.

    I am using the stock amp with my Etymotics, I tried the "power" amp module but did not like it. It sounds flat and "HIFi" in comparison to the standard one.
    I have more than enough headroom and power to drive the ETY's and I feel they are a great combination.

    Likewise the sound out of the line amp through my tube amp takes it all a stage further, more detail and musicality.
    I have noticed since getting it last week that through both combinations the sound has opened up, become a little richer and deeper as well as more detailed.

    It all seemed to happen last night, everything just jelled. From my notes this came after around 50 hours use so I definately hear some burn in effect going on.

    I then went and researched the Op amp and DAC chips and from what I read it seems to confirm there is a period of burn in for both to come fully on song.

    I noticed in some pictures posted on the web that it uses the "K" suffix DAC chip, did they use that one all the way through production as there are ones with no suffix.

    Very happy with the purchase and it seems any bugs have been ironed out with the very last models. I had some old SDHC cards laying around that I use in my Leica and tried them and they all work, class 10 Lexar and PNY's.

    I have started to fill the cards by genre, today I have the job of the first of my classical music cards to fill.. 32G of Wagner!
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