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Hifiman 801 Appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by greenleo, Sep 29, 2009.
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  1. ade_hall
    If you really want to know what chip it's using, then you have to take the back off:
  2. ianmedium
    Thanks Ade, I went as far as taking the back plate off but underneath was just a large black plastic box.. I chickened out from there, will have a look at your link!
  3. ClieOS Contributor
    I believe Fang once said (over at erji.net, not here) that all the PCM1704 used on HM801 are the K variance, but that was quite sometime ago.
  4. ianmedium
    Thanks Clie. I am not going to tamper with my unit to find out. The sound is great and it was just idle curiosity! (BTW) I have bookmarked your blog.
  5. i_djoel2000
    i did the output resistor mod just now.. and you were wrong clieos. it DOES improve the sound quality! [​IMG]
    the low bass becomes much more clearer and effortless, and overall the sound is more dynamic and open. thank you for pioneering this mod on 801 model clieos!
    nb: impression was done with a westone es3x.
  6. ClieOS Contributor
    Well, I certainly didn't pioneer the mod. Some Russian guys were doing that much earlier than I did. But I didn't copy them, just coming out of the same idea at a much later time when I was investigating the impedance issue.
    A good reason why you find it an improvement is because ES3X is multi-driver IEM with crossover. The lowering of output impedance immediately gives it a lot more power delivery and less coloration. On contrast, I mainly use RE0 and ER4S for my comparison and they are not sensitive to output impedance change.
  7. HungryDaze
    I should say that ER4S is quite sensive to output impendance. :wink:
  8. LarsHP
    I can't find the newest firmware for the HM-801 - the v0.23.
    Anyone knows where to find it?
    Or could upload it somewhere and put a link in this thread?
  9. KT66
    The HIFIMan web site only goes up to 0.21 
    this the version I currently use with no issues, and sounding superb
  10. LarsHP
    I also use v0.21, but apparently there is a newer (v0.23) one with EQ enabled.
  11. HungryDaze
    Here you go. http://nekaka.com/d/k9Uj1ke2O2
    BTW, 0.19 is the best sounding firmware. Check it out. There is no problem with SD if you make a dualboot firmware (0.19 + Rockbox). 
  12. LarsHP
    Are you hearing a difference between the firmwares? And the latest isn't as good sounding as that old one?
    What difference do you hear?
  13. HungryDaze
    I remember that 0.19 in comparison with 0.23 sounds fullier, rich, with better imaginary stage and attack. I compared HM-801 + SYMMcard amp with MyST PortaDAC 1866OCUB not so long ago. With 0.19 HM-801 sounds very similar to PortaDAC. Anfortunatelly I can't say the same about Rockbox or 0.23.
  14. ianmedium

    Thats interesting. What is lost in terms of features and usability in going back to 19 from 23?

    I suppose if I did not like 19 I could simply reload 23?
  15. HungryDaze
    Nothing will be lost, you will even gain a proper auto power off after timeout. All the SD cards work properly if you make a dualboot firmware (0.19 + Rockbox).
    Yes, you can always return the 0.23.
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