1. RubiksKid

    New Hi-Fier Upgrading from S4i

    I am looking for something more balanced in terms of frequency range. Before S4is i used some Koss branded ones that i liked for about 50$ and their bass clarity (for 50$) sounded pretty good. I was looking at D2ks and maybe D5ks but I'm going by the general advice to invest in a "full" setup...
  2. project86

    REVIEW: HiFi ET MA9 - a new reference level DAP

              Higher end DAPs are popping up more frequently these days. There's the HiFiMAN HM-801 and HM-60x series, the iBasso DX100, iRiver AK100, Colorfly C4, and then the lesser known Chinese releases like the QLS QA350, iHiFi812 and iHiFi960. Obviously the demand exists for these...
  3. KT66

    Next DAP needed, 801 dead. What next? 901. C4, AK100,X3/5/7, DX50/90/100

    Hi, the market has just exploded in the last 18 months, quite hard to cope with it all. ( I use ES10s (with ESW9 pads) and DT1350 only on the move,)   My 801 line out collapsed on me today, the headphone socket broke months ago. I have asked Head Direct if they can do the repair, but I am not...
  4. atty101

    Hifiman HM801 plus 32GB SD Card SOLD!

    GONE!   I'm taking offers on this bad boy. I'm not setting a price. Even your insulting lowball offers will be heard!   Hifiman HM801 I'm the original owner, but all I kept was the unit and the charger. You'll also get a 32gb SD card. Everything is in fine shape.
  5. KT66

    HM-801 headphone output repair ?

    The headphone output of my 801 is getting dodgy, only occasionally working properly, so I am using an amp which is a shame, as I prefer the sound without amp, and it's now a very big "portable" system! Too big!   It's the connection getting loose, moving it slightly brings the sound back, but...
  6. Iron_Dreamer

    Hifiman HM-801

    Selling my used HM-801, this is a more recent, 8GB model, with current firmware, and the stock amp card.   It functions perfectly no issues.  See the images below, there are a few nicks in the finish, and a few spots where the labeling has rubbed off from use, as well as a bit of dust under...
  7. Edwood

    Sold: HiFiMan HM-801

    Sold: HiFiMan HM-801 PayPal (eChecks will require wait for clearance), fees included and Shipped for free in the Continental USA. Will consider shipping internationally for those with a solid feedback thread, or if I personally know you.  ;)     *I'm in the Los Angeles area, face to face...
  8. KT66

    Name for portable sources, DAP, PMP, or others?

    Hi. players like the 801 are most often called DAPs here, I guess that stands for Digital Audio Player, but that could mean anything, a CD player, a PC etc   I saw a Toshiba in the classifieds and they called it a Portable Media Player to me that makes more sense. And a Portable Music...
  9. Pappucho

    FS HM-801, 425 OBO

    I am sure I will regret it but I am selling my beloved HM-801.   Works and sound great.  Only problem is cosmetic as can be seen from the pics.  I am not sure if this is a common problem with the finish on these but the paint has "chipped" off in a few places.  Please see the pics of the actual...
  10. musicbased

    Hifiman HM-801 - SOLD

          I'm seeing if there is any interest in my Hifiman HM801 with 32GB sd card (full of music or empty)...   It's good condition,and still has the original screen protecter on it.Works perfectly,just has some small paint chips on the back and some faded writing. Ideally in the...
  11. musicbased

    HM 801- Is it really that good?

    Hello,   I currently have a Hifiman HM801 with Etymotic ER4S. I like it. It sounds pretty good to me, but i really haven't tried much else.I sometimes feel i want more bass (the usual ety complaint!), and would like to try a bassier IEM,(looking at the Heir audio 3.ai possibly, alhough it...
  12. Tympan

    WTB or temporarily trade Hifiman HM-801 for Altmann Tera player?

    Greetings!   Is there anyone in Portland, OR (USA) with an Altmann Tera player who would like to do some direct comparison with my much beloved Hifiman HM-801 Dac player?  (I currently have balanced and regular amp modules as well as a RE-262, 272, 400 IEM and AKG-701Q headphones)    I...
  13. glogulus

    Hifiman 801 + game amp + stock amp + 32gb SDHC

    I've got a well kept hifiman 801. It currently has the game amp installed for IEMs. It comes with the box and stock amp. Everything sounded great through this thing, but I just never had a chance to use it all that much.    Message me if interested.   I prefer paypal, but will only ship...
  14. xutantuo

    Wanted! Hifiman HM801 balanced card module

    If you have one please let me know!  Thanks!
  15. johnnylexus

    How to buy iBasso DX100 or Hifiman 801?

    If I really wanted to buy one of these, do I have to order from Japan / China and wait weeks to get it? Does anybody sell them in the U.S?
  16. driver 8

    DACs and DAPs: W4S DAC-2, Algorhythm Solo, Hifiman HM801, HM601, Hi Sound Studio V

    I'll put up pics in the next day or two after I take some or if anyone PMs me interesting in seeing them sooner than that.   W4S DAC-2 - $1,050 Sold!   DAC itself is in great condition, but I'm using some of the generic cables it came with.  It'll come with the remote, batteries for it...
  17. uncledrax

    [WTB] Hifiman HM-801

    Im looking for a HM-801 or similar DAP. I am reasonable on price depending on condition of device. Must be able to ship to Australia. Thanks
  18. rmap

    FS: Hifiman HM-801

    I am selling my Hifiman HM-801, including a second spare battery (a $80 value). The HM-801 is in like new condition, still with the plastic protection on the LCD screen. I estimate the player has about 200 hours of use on it and it has the latest firmware upgrade. I also have two chargers: the...
  19. rabidsquid

    24/88 upsampling to 24/96 for HM-801

    Hi all.  I have some 24/88 FLAC files that I'd like to play on my HifiMan HM-801.   My HM-801 is being a jerk and won't play them.  I don't know if this is by design or a bug in the firmware.  I believe I have the latest firmware.  I thought that I had read the 801 would upsample...
  20. AnAnalogSpirit

    Are the HM-601, HM-602, and HM-801 players going to eventually get firmware updates to allow for SDXC format cards?

    I saw on engadget the release of new 64GB and 128GB sized cards in SDXC format. I'm curious if the HiFiMAN players could be made to eventually support these capacities.   http://www.engadget.com/2011/03/15/lexar-now-shipping-128gb-and-64gb-sdxc-cards-from-the-future-str/   I don't know...
  21. fdhfdy

    HIFIMAN HM-801 Latest 8 G version(AUS)

    Hi All, I have a as new hm-801 for sale. Purchased from Head Direct brand new couple of weeks ago, less than 30hrs playing time. Working perfectly, no scratches, no dents. Need fund for new gear,so have to send it to a new home. Asking price: AU$ 650 + postage
  22. AndrewG

    IC/FS: Hifiman 801 with 32 GB SD card

    May part with this to fund other item. I will sell for $650. includes everything including updated amp and a 32 GB SD card, full of music. Will sell anywhere in the world. Free shipping, pay as 'goods'
  23. phosphorique

    WTBuy: Hifiman HM-801 with GAME Amplifier Module

    Looking for a Hifiman HM-801 with GAME module. Please let me know if you have one to let go. Thank you!
  24. AndrewG

    Hifiman HM801

    Used HM801 in very good condition, includes the second amp module. Burned in 250 hours. Shipping free anywhere. Includes a 32 GB SD card filled with lossless FLAC