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Hifiman 801 Appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by greenleo, Sep 29, 2009.
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  1. ianmedium
    I had V0.19 but went back to 0.23 as to be honest though initially I thought 19 better sounding doing some back to backs I think it was more me thinking it rather than it being it! Plus with the latest version I have had no problems with a wide variety of cards.

    Mike, yours being a factory refurb will probably come with the latest. I am really looking forward to your thoughts on it!
  2. dallan Contributor
    I use .19. Haven't had any problems.
  3. zilch0md
    I received a factory-refurbished HM-801 two days ago, already loaded with the latest v.0.23 firmware, and I am exceedingly pleased with the sound quality of both the headphone out and the line out into an external amp. Without question, this is the best source I, personally, have ever heard.  But there are issues which are encouraging me to return the HM-801 under their 30-day return policy.   I sent an e-mail to customerservice@head-direct.com, but it has only been about 30 hours thus far, with no response.  Please feel free to chime in if you have anything to contribute that might be of help.  Thank you!
    1) My HM-801 can play 96/24 FLAC, but it can't play 96/24 WAV.  Is this to be expected?  This happens even with 96/24 WAV files copied to the internal memory, and thus, has nothing to do with SD card incompatiblity.
    2) I hear a loud pop and sometimes a double-pop between every track.  I know it's not supposed to do gap-less playback, but is it supposed to pop loudly between every track?  This happens whether I am using the headphone out or the line out, and whether I'm using the AC-to-DC power adapter or the internal battery pack.  On occasion, it does not pop between tracks, but I've not identified any pattern - it's random, but mostly it pops.
    3) On Windows 7 and Windows XP machines, when I connect the HM-801 to a the machine via the USB Data Exchange port, I am able to see the on-board memory, but I am not able to see any SD card previously loaded into the HM-801 card reader.  The only way I can add or remove files from an SD card is to remove it from the HM-801 and mount it in the PC's card reader.   Is this to be expected - working as designed?
    Questions (not problems):
    My primary purpose is to use the HM-801 as a card-reader to Line Out, portably, without reliance on AC power and I'd rather not be limited to the capacity of the HM-801's internal battery pack. I have almost no interest in using the headphone out.  
    1) Is there any way to supply power to the HM-801 for card-reader to Line Out use, with the battery pack removed and without using the supplied PSU, which has a proprietary double-barreled connector?  (Is it possible to power the HM-801 on 5V USB power from a laptop USB port (or external 5V power bank) to the Data Exchange port with the battery pack removed?  Can I use a single power connector (instead of two) from an external 9V power bank to one of the two 9V power ports?  Which one?  Or must I supply power to both of them when using only the card reader to line out, with no need for the headphone amp?)
    2) I've noticed that the headphone amp board gets hot (Class A?) even when I 'm using Line Out, with nothing connected to the headphone out jack.  Is it possible to operate the HM-801 as a card reader to Line Out, with the amplifier board removed entirely (to save battery power and reduce heat output?)
    3) Is there a way to delete files using the HM-801 UI?
    4) Is there a way to copy files from SD to memory or from memory to SD using the HM-801 UI?
  4. LarsHP
    My answers are in RED [​IMG]
  5. zilch0md
    Lars!   Thank you x100!
    I've been frustrated, not hearing anything from HiFiMan, so I was exceedingly pleased to get any reply to my post, this quickly, and your answers are so solid!   I really appreciate your effort.  [​IMG]
    I will certainly check with customer service / technical support before experimenting, where noted, above.
    By the way, it's at least consoling to know that everyone's HM-801 pops between tracks - oh well - and that SDXC cards, once formatted to FAT32, still can't be displayed via Windows Explorer, as described above.  
    In other words, all of my problems are actually "working-as-designed limitations."
    Battery life is horrible, by the way.  Again, oh well... the sound is sublime!
    Thanks again!
  6. R Scott Ireland
    If you do find out any information regarding an alternate way to power the HM-801, please do post it here.

  7. alpha421
    At least it's on par with most other hi-end daps battery wise.
  8. zilch0md

    I certainly will!  
    I'm concerned about the battery going bad and the possibility of replacements becoming unobtainable.  It's one thing to throw away a Shuffle when its battery refuses to take a charge - quite another to toss an HM-801 in the trash.
  9. R Scott Ireland

    I have a spare battery for that reason, and I think I'll order another one as well.
  10. alpha421
    I contemplated on ordering a spare battery or two for the same reason.  Price isn't too bad at $80 a pop.  Still, I even thought about getting the extra year warranty (mine still has about 8 months warranty left).  
    Anyhow, I'm curious if anybody investigated on build of the battery.  I wouldn't be surprised if it uses dual smartphone batteries.
  11. alpha421
    Regarding the pop between tracks, I don't hear it, but I'm running the latest firmware.
  12. zilch0md
    Me too (v.0.23), but I hear pops. I know another 801 owner who hears pops, too. I wonder what the stats are for this seemingly "normal" behavior.

  13. alpha421
    I stand corrected.  I hear them.  I lowered the volume to a level that I normally don't listen at and sure enough - pop!  Often times I will skip tracks before the previous one finishes and that's when I don't hear the pops, but when the next track is played after the previous is over, sure enough - pop!  At least the pop isn't as loud like when you first turn on the HM-801.  That's a pop with authority.
  14. dallan Contributor
    I have to admit, i have never heard the "pops".  Running .19 as stated above.
  15. ianmedium
    And I have not heard pops or any other noise other than when I have inserted or removed and reinserted SD cards with the player on. Then I get a wide range of noises, pops, weird electronic noises and such.
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