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Hifiman 801 Appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by greenleo, Sep 29, 2009.
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  1. HungryDaze
    Lars, from time to time I get in touch with the developer of the rockbox port for HiFIMAN devices. BTW he lives in Moscow. I asure you that Rockbox works fine on HM-801 for already more than a year. Don't mislead fellow headfiers plz. The only real problem is with the dislays of the new batches of slims and even not all of them. I don't know anybody in Russia, who has even a slightest problem with Rockbox on HM-801, and there are plenty of 801 users here.
    So don't be afraid, ianmedium. Everything works just fine.
  2. ade_hall
    Yes, the Mac does not automatically show 'hidden' files beginning with '.' - download this
    which makes it easy to show / hide system files.
    Agree with HungryDaze, I'm having no problems with the current dual boot rockbox with a 128 gb card and also on a Mac 
  3. ianmedium
    Thanks Ade, funny thing is that the link you sent says the page does not exist. I think I am just going to keep things as they are. Luckily the two cards that don't work cost only $10 together so no big loss. I have order three Lexars from the same seller I purchased the ones that work from and they should be here on Tuesday so problem solved. I must keep v.19 though as the sound improvement to my ears is perfect!
  4. ade_hall
  5. ianmedium
    Oh thats great, thank you, will download it.
  6. LarsHP
    I did actually say that the people having problems with RockBox of newer date where using HM-60x models, so I am not misleading anyone. Also one head-fier with standard HM-601 model had issues just 3 weeks ago. If anyone is interested, then read this thread:
    Especially the last post (#119) - quote: "the PC woudnt read the player in rockbox mode, because under the latest firmware, usb support is absent." That's his words, not mine.
  7. LarsHP
    The 801 is back in stock at Head-Direct, but now as "Refurbished version":
    This is most likely (made of) units sent in from owners who took advantage of the trade-in offer for the new HM-901.
  8. ianmedium
    That will be some great buys for folks who missed out. I bet to all intents and purpose they will be like new after refurbishment.
    Mine has really changed the way I listen to music, can't think being without it now. Nice to see the value of them holds very well.
  9. ianmedium
    Does anyone know if the 801 will play 24/96 WAV files?
  10. dallan Contributor
  11. ianmedium
    Hmm, odd, just tried it and it would not play!
  12. dallan Contributor
    Maybe I remember incorrectly,sorry. I wouldn't use them because no info tags. I have used only flac files as long as I can remember but though I originally used some uncompressed like wav. Sorry for the mis information then.
  13. zilch0md

    I'm expecting a refurb'd HM-801 soon, and have noticed I can't find a V.0.22 download. I've got 19, 20, and 23, but no 22. Was 22 never published?

    Is there any reason I should avoid 23?


  14. zilch0md
    This thread be dead. Has everyone tossed their 801s in the trash?

  15. LarsHP
    No, but I think people - well, at least I - don't have proper answers for your questions.
    I think (I am not 100% sure) there is no equal number firmwares. I remember seeing only V0.19, 0.21 and 0.23. The "V0.20" you say you have - are you sure it isn't a 0.21?
    Regarding V0.23 - I haven't installed it myself, because I didn't feel any need to. Some - and I am not one of them - say that V0.19 sounds better than the two others. However, it has some bugs that are fixed in the later versions.
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