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Hidizs Sonata HD DAC cable - new tiny and mighty DAC&AMP

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by IryxBRO, May 25, 2018.
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  1. agmvc5

    Regarding the aparentelly weakeness of the cable, i´ve reinforced it with heat shrink cover as shown in the picture. But nevertheless i´m a bit worried if this solution will stress the Usb-c female port of the phone due to a kind of torque effect. What do you think about it?, Do you have any idea about the usbc female port endurance.

    Thanks! 20190923_144242.jpg
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
  2. twiceboss
    what's the difference between the OG and the S3?
  3. twiceboss
    i just read some of your impression. It seems like S3 has better separation an soundstage. What about firmware though? How to flash? im planning to buy to use with S10plus, idk what's going on with firmware etc. Does it have app or what?
  4. Cadop
    have you found out as well that on MacOS (at least with the pure music firmware), the volume goes up only each 3 steps of system volume?

    the only workaround for me is using the apps' volume to adjust the volume with more precision

    this only happens on Mac
  5. Applehusky
    I have this same type of problem on windows.

    It seems like there are only a few steps of volume so it's very difficult to get it just right.

    Anyone know if there's a solution to this?
  6. moisespr123
    The firmware for the SONATA HD and the S3 are the same. The steps are also the same.

    This is why I'm using my IFI IEMatch in its Ultra mode with my Hidizs MS4. I can now go up to a little more over 20% on Windows.


    These are my impressions of the S3, in Spanish:
  7. Jhood
    Hello guys,

    For the one who had the chance to compare the S3 and Sonata HD, which one is better?

    What about the kz usb-c dac? Is it good or the sonata and s3 are better than the kz?

  8. SinisterDev
    Anyone here have experience with using the Sonata and Neutron Music Player? I decided to give the new S3 a try. This is my first DAC, and ive run into some potentially dangerous trouble with the volume.
    So, first thing I did was flash the D firmware onto the Sonata S3. Then I enabled Direct USB Access and plugged the Sonata in. Good thing i didn't have my IEMs in my ears because the music started automatically playing at what would have been a potentially deafening level of sound. My little ZSX sounded like speakers! The Sonata certainly provides a higher volume potential than my S10+ does. That's for sure.

    I fiddled around with the settings a bit, and disabled all auto-play when connecting a USB device. So now im trying to figure out how to get this dang thing's volume control under control. Im concerned because it seems like even if i turn the gain down to 0 in Neutron and then plug in the Sonata and press play on music, it plays WAY too loud. (again, glad i tested without the iems in my ears lol)

    I haven't messed around with the Direct USB Access options in Neutron because I've never had to before. And unfortunately it seems there's not much info on their forums about it. There's a couple options in here pertaining to volume, but I haven't been able to get it right. Even when i can get the volume to start at a nice, low level, Im not liking the volume steps after a certain point. It goes up by small increments from like 0-16 gain, and then suddenly with each click after that the volume jumps up way too much. So I can't find that Goldilocks volume level that im accustomed to finding normally in Neutron.
    Any suggestions? Im afraid this thing is gonna make me deaf haha...
  9. Hal Rockwell
    You can always try Precise Volume, to control the volume levels more accurately.
  10. SinisterDev
    Ive been using Samsung Sound Assistant app, which has worked great for allowing more control over the volume, but my problem is with this Sonata S3. No matter what i have the phone volume set to, if i unplug the Sonata and plug it back in, it defaults to some deafeningly high level of volume. And sometimes i have problems controlling the volume of it in Neutron. When im just using Neutron normally, the volume control is fine. But when change the settings to allow Direct USB Access for the Sonata, the volume control is behaving really weird.
  11. moisespr123
    I'm using Sound Assistant too and it works great with my S9.

    I have came with a weird bug, that it seems to be more of an issue with the Savitech Audio IC, which the S2 and S3 use. Sometimes when adjusting the volume, one channel will become louder than the other. However, changing the volume again restores the volume.

    This behavior happened in my S3, but also happens with another DAC that I have that also uses a Savitech audio controller. It happened while using my S3 with my AP80.
  12. PixelSquish
    Selling my S3 cable. I got the iBasso DC02 and prefer it. Going to make a listing for it.
  13. Semiramide
    Got this last week to try to improve the sound of the office's computer. After fighting with drivers for an hour (Windows 7, had to install them separately), I managed to make it work. After that, upgrading the firmware to "D" was a piece of cake.

    I'm a bit shocked by the volume power of this little device, haha. Sounds good, too. I has already tried it in my cell phone using the default firmware (using poweramp) and worked well. I'll try the new firmware with my phone as soon as I get home, since I left the OTG cable there :facepalm: But should work even better.
  14. jasonb
    Now using it with my Pixel 3a, Google Play Music (not USB audio player pro), and a bass modded Q701. Sounds great and is my preferred volume level in the 12-16 range out of 25. So that's 48% to 64%, so there is still some headroom there.
  15. SinisterDev
    So I have a bit of an update on my experience with the S3. I contacted HIDIZS customer support about the issues i was having with the dangerous volume levels and lack of proper control of volume. They suggested i install a new "cable 2.0"firmware on their site instead of the Pure Music firmware. And the volume control seems to be working properly now. Its still kinda intimidating how loud this thing can make IEMs lol.
    Unfortunately the problem im having now is no matter what Ive tried to do, the S3 won't allow me to play music at the advertised 24/192. Its locked at 24/48 when i plug it in. Whether I try using it in Neutron or PowerAmp. Any ideas?
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