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Hidizs Sonata HD DAC cable - new tiny and mighty DAC&AMP

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by IryxBRO, May 25, 2018.
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  1. DynamicEars
    so between Sonata HD II and topping NX4, which one sounds better?
  2. moisespr123
    The S1 and S3 are now available on Amazon. I just ordered them and will see how they compare to the Sonata HD
  3. jasonb
    They sound the same to me at low to medium volume, but if you want to crank the volume the NX4 definitely has more power.
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  4. Toshu
    I just got my second Sonata HD and was hoping to be able to use it with headphones on my Windows PC. I updated the firmware and tested it on my phone w UAPP.
    Then tried the PC and nada. Tried Foobar and got an error saying driver not available, then played songs on Plex and there is no where to select usb as the audio output on the PC......any help appreciated.
  5. Lifted Andreas
    Connect it and open Device Manager, does it show any new devices?
  6. Toshu
    Yep, had to unplug, then plug it back in.....then she started singing.

  7. PixelSquish
    Just got the S3 in the mail today, gonna start testing it out. Didn't come with a usb-c to regular usb adapter, and on the website there is no firmware for the s3, just the sonata. not sure if this one has adjustable firmware yet.
  8. PixelSquish
    Doing some A and B with my Dunu DK 3001 Pros. My laptop to the LH Labs Geekout V2 and then my Pixel 2XL to the S3 cable.

    The S3 is definitely more cold and crisp and analytical vs the relative warmth of the Geekout V2. Sounds good but I am kinda missing a bit of warmth. Really would like to hear a comparison of the S3 to the iBasso dc02
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  9. Jhood
    Hello everybody,

    I need a jack 3.5 to usb-c adaptater for my phone, I will use the CCA C12 earphones, what product can you recommend me please?

    Last edited: Sep 20, 2019
  10. moisespr123
    The Sonata HD and S3 shares the same firmware. In fact, as soon as I connected the DAC to my Windows PC, it detected it as "SONATA HD Audio", meaning it is essentially the same as the SONATA HD. They also have the same VID (22e1) and PID (e202)

    By default, the firmware is the one that's limited to 48Khz. After flashing the D firmware, it now goes up to 192Khz.

    BUT, the S3 maybe has a bit more separation than their "S2 Sonata" so they definitely did something in the PCB to improve the sound. More listening needs to be done to see what real sound changes there are between their old and new DAC.

    The S1 is not as wide as the S3, and sounds just basic.
  11. SinisterDev
    Wow, im surprised. For once it looks like something is cheaper on Amazon than Aliexpress. I've been thinking about picking up one of these, and figured Id wait because ppl said the S3 was coming soon. Its on Amazon for $50 w/ Prime, and they want $70 for it on Aliexpress atm.
  12. SinisterDev
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  13. baskingshark
    I think if u can wait for 11/11 aliexpress may have massive discounts on stuff. But definitely Aliexpress ain't the cheapest all the time, sometimes I find stuff on ebay and amazon that is cheaper.

    What brand is this DAC?
    Haha I think probably they wanted to retail it at 29 bucks and just upped the price to 99 and gave a 70 dollar discount coupon to even it out.
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  14. SinisterDev
    Im looking forward to checking out these 11/11 sales. I keep seeing people mention it! Im new to Aliexpress, so this is exciting.
    And yeah, that's probably what they did with that DAC's pricing. I actually sent a question to the seller, asking them what model DAC chip is used inside. And asking if it has different firmware options like the HIDIZS/Sonata, or if its just supposed to be able to output 32/384 out of the box? Plus have all the added functionality that would otherwise be disabled on the Sonata if you were to install D firmware. The build quality at least LOOKS nice, and although its only a short cord, it was claiming its OCC copper and all sorts of other fancy, pricey components... Im curious but apprehensive,naturally. Hehe
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  15. baskingshark
    If the sellers do let u know what chip is inside and other info, let us know!

    Otherwise the tempotec sonata HD (which is just a different and cheaper branding of the hidizs sonata HD) is like 27ish USD. And i rather take a punt on the known sonata HD at the same pricing range.
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