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Hidizs Sonata HD DAC cable - new tiny and mighty DAC&AMP

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by IryxBRO, May 25, 2018.
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  1. iraparks
    Can someone please direct to full instructions to update firmware to D? Please, I ran the exe. but not recognized so where exactly do i go to change the vendor and product values? It states the Driver Properties but I can't find that, i'm going through control panel device manager? what am i doing wrong. are the numbers that show when running the exe. the correct or are the "ID's" in the driver property correct if i can find them. I'm sure the directions for Dummies are in the forum but can't find them

    thank you in advance
  2. Chessblitzer2017
    How do you like the sound ira
  3. Duncan Moderator
    yup, that got me too... This will help - as I've said immediately above though, if you have miserable luck like me and it fails, run it again and it should be good!
  4. JSax
    Hi all, first post in the forum.
    Using Hidizs Sonata ii on a P20 Pro.
    Wondering if anyone else has seen the same things I have:

    Out of the box worked ok on P20 pro and ipad pro (I think comparable to a very good usb C - 3.5mm adapter)

    Flashed firmware D and stopped working on P20 pro but sounded incredible on iPad pro (as experienced for many Huawei users in the thread).

    flashed back to ver ii HD firmware and works on both again, but not at the same level it was on the ipad pro before.
    I then tried using a usb c hub, and connecting the Sonata again but this time through the usbA adapter it came with- and hey presto, DAC sound again. So now I can plug in with usb C and get good sound when I'm walking around, or plug in via the usb A adapter and a hub when I'm sat down / at my desk and get amazing sound.

    So I'm wondering if anyone knows why the sound is better through the USB A adapter than just usb C? I'm assuming there is some form of circuitry in there that activates the actual DAC part of the Sonata?

    Anyone managed to get firmware rev D working on a Huawei phone?
  5. iraparks
    My Gosh, Thank you for the help, I would never of known to look to the drop down for "hardware id" without your help. Now the firmware is set to D and the sound is crazy good. FLAC music played on Foobar2000 still states 44100 Hz is there a setting on Foobar2000 to adjust so it plays at 24/192 as well?

    Sorry for more questions and again THANK you for the clear up on the Firmware.
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  6. iraparks
    After the help from fellow Forum friends, the sound is crushing it, I have low end Monoprice Retro headphones but the difference from not having the DAC is worlds apart, never new such sound was out there until now. Thank you hopefully I won't be spoiled and can listen to music without the DAC also.
  7. Duncan Moderator
    I'm unsure re foobar2000, but look for something in the settings about resampling (if not in the app itself, maybe in the sound settings of your handset) - I know it is on-app on UAPP for example (and Neutron too IIRC).

    Then again, if you're playing in windows - in control panel there is an option for resampling - Control Panel -> Sound -> click on the item you want to update, then Properties -> Advanced -> there are the sample rates available in a drop-down.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2019
    iraparks likes this.
  8. Duncan Moderator
    The only thing I can think of, although if you're walking around - I'm guessing this dismisses it - would be if the USB hub is self powered, so - can give the dongle more power?!?

    Re Huawei - I've seen some posts further back on this thread that seem to indicate not :frowning2:
  9. moisespr123
    No. the DAC only consumes just a few mA of power. A standard USB port is sufficient.
  10. Chessblitzer2017
    I don't even notice* any difference as far as battery going down faster. Couldn't say the same for smsl idea stick. For Google pixel
  11. Duncan Moderator
    I'm really liking this dongle - finally convinced me the on board headphone jack is dead on a cellphone.
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  12. billbishere
    I picked up the generic version of this little guy. Defiantly makes things more dynamic and adds some volume. Tested it on my 58x and ZST's so far, I had ordered right when I ordered my iSine10's but luckily I found the Anker cable for the cipher DAC. But I will try it on those eventually. It makes the ZST's SING - always amazed by these things! Nice improvement!

  13. Duncan Moderator
    Try firmware "D", definitely switches things up a notch :D
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  14. billbishere
    Ok, just did the "D" firmware. All went as expected. I can tell it added a bit more to the sound and dynamics. I would say it boosted things another 10% or so, it's hard to say because I didn't have much time on the other firmware. But at least I know I am using it to it's fullest potential now.
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  15. baskingshark
    Hi, I've gotten the HD sonata after reading this thread, and with firmware D, it is excellent for music.

    Just checking if any of you guys find that the HD sonata gets quite warm after using it for about half an hour? Is that normal?
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