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Hidizs Sonata HD DAC cable - new tiny and mighty DAC&AMP

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by IryxBRO, May 25, 2018.
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  1. jasonb
    I paid $27 for mine and it sounds way better than it should for $27. I haven't compared it to any others, but lately it gets used more than my Topping NX4DSD. Also has plenty of power for an HD650 unless you listen really loudly.
  2. susman
    Turns out firmware didn't directly affect the sound. Apparently after I flashed it with tempotec firmware, P20 pro recognized it as a new device and turned Dolby Atmos on. Dolby Atmos "smart" mode has really weird effect on music.
    So no, that firmware does not mess with the sound, but it does not solve Huawei problem either. Useless.
  3. Earbones
    I can promise you it does not have plenty of power for an HD650. Maybe enough to allow the can to produce sound, but certainly not for it to perform anywhere near the level it’s capable of. The HD650 is one of my favorite cans, it’s like the poster-child for scaling up. A dongle DAC with a Tic-Tac sized amplifier is simply not physically able to push it properly.

    And to get on my nerd soapbox, it shouldn’t be. I don’t understand this obsession people have with every new minuscule device that comes along needing to be able to power hungry full-sized cans... often at the cost of a low enough noise floor or reasonable base volume for sensitive IEMs (not saying this is the case with the Sonata, I haven’t heard it). My philosophy has always been that if one wants to lug around full-size cans as their mobile solution, then in for a penny, in for a pound. Sacrifice another three square inches of bag space and use a reasonably-sized mobile DAC/Amp that will do the job well. Heh. Rant over.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2019
  4. jasonb
    Even if the Hidizs Sonata only puts out 5 MW at 300 ohm, then that's enough to get them to 110db. I listen well below that, probably less than 90db most of the time.

    You know what's hard to drive? A Q701 needs 50MW to get to 110, while the HD650 only needs 5MW. The whole HD650 needing a giant amp is blown way out of proportion.

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  5. Almazbek
    Hello everyone, just recieved Sonata and I'm amazed how this tiny thing can boost the volume. The question is there any reason to set 192khz if my music is only 44.1?
  6. Earbones
    You’ll get no argument out of me with regards to the HD650’s minimum power requirements. But as far as the threads about scaling with the can go, I don’t think anybody is saying it literally needs more power- just that it sounds better when it has it. For instance, I’m sure you can tell the difference between your HD650 with your Magni 2 versus with your Sonata. And I’d guess you prefer the Schiit?

    BTW, have you listened to the HD650 with tubes? BH Crack? Kind of amazing. Though my personal favorite pairing was the Woo WA3 via the Mojo.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2019
  7. DynamicEars
    firmware D made everything faster in decay, more dynamic and clear. But I lost some rumbles from quicker decay. But definitely mids and highs are much better in FW D.

    My only cons about this Sonata HD is the phone equalizer isn't working with sonata HD attached. Is anyone experienced this? I really want my EQ still working while gaining my power to drive power hungry iems.
  8. jasonb
    Android phone?
  9. jasonb
    Actually I think the HD650 sounds worse with the Magni 2 Uber. I've never actually been a huge fan of the sound of the M2U. The HD650 when I want higher volume levels sounds better with the Topping NX4DSD, but usually I'm at 1/3 volume with the Sonata HDII, so I'm not running out of headroom, so it sounds fine.

    Never tried tubes.
  10. Earbones
    Try tubes. Trust me. Life-changing with the HD650... I mean, as one of my all-time favorites, I think it sounds great straight out of a phone... But seriously, it’s scalability is off the charts- if you’ve only listened to the HD650 out of the Magni/Sonata/NX4DSD, then you will have your mind blown when it’s run with some proper tube juice. It gets better in every way...
  11. jasonb
    Maybe one day if I ever get a dedicated listening space. Right now I just have a chair next to a small table so small and simple stuff is easier right now. If I ever get a dedicated listening space I'd probably get more back into nearfield speakers though.
  12. DynamicEars
    Yes sorry forgot to mention, an android sony phone and samsung S9plus. Is there any way to use Equalizer with spotify/tidal through sonata HD? seems like phone default EQ isn't working when listening through sonata HD
  13. peter123
    Hmm, personally I've always found the talk about how well the HD650 scales to be highly exaggerated, as most other headphones they pair better with some amp/dac's than others but nothing more than that. That being said the HD650 are far from my favorite headphones but their midrange still makes me keep them around. To me they're very fatiguing though with their romantic bloomy sound. As always YMMV and it obviously does in this case :)
  14. jasonb
    You can use Tidal with USB Audio Player Pro.
    DynamicEars likes this.
  15. Earbones
    Totally with you regarding different ears for different peers. However I am really curious as to how you find the HD650 fatiguing. I’ve never heard anyone come away from the can with that impression. Too dark, sure. Veiled (particularly the older version), absolutely. Muddy, lack of detail, rolled off treble, not enough bass, etc. etc. etc... But I’ve never heard fatiguing. When I think of listening fatigue, I think of shoutiness in the upper mids, shrill piercing highs, or booming bass... Sound qualities the HD650 measurably lacks. Forgetting everyone’s ears for a second, on paper the HD650 is just smooth easy listening. What aspect of the sound is fatiguing for you? Please don’t think I’m defending the HD650 at all, it may be one of my all-time favorites, but I did sell it when I got the Clear. So I’m not fanboying out over here or attacking your opinion, ha ha. I’m just genuinely curious...
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
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