HIBY R6 - DAP Dual DAC Balanced Out - Great Reviews and Over 500% Funded @ Indiegogo!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Jun 5, 2017.
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  1. Mezzi
    Does any Type C car charger work for the Hiby R6?
  2. Sulbh
    Has anyone compared this to Hidizs ap200?
  3. Rewin

    Do you think UE900s could be a good match for the R6? Is there a better option around U$.200.00?
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  4. davidcotton
    I'd be interested if anyone else has?

    Main concern for me would be gapless playback out of the box and battery life. Anything more than 10 hours and I'm good.

  5. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Yes, that would work
  6. Rewin

    Anyone here knows the LZ A4? Better option over the UE900s?
  7. Mezzi
  8. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    The lockscreen was part of a firmware update. Should be stock/standard for all that receive the device from here on out or after a FW update
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  9. Mezzi
    Word up. thanks.
  10. Mezzi
    Alright! Pulled the trigger on the stainless steel! :ksc75smile:

    I'm really pumped but waiting a couple months will keep me in check.
    Selling my iPod Classic, I ain't neva going back!

    BTW, there are some really awesome prices on 400GB Micro SD Cards here ($159)
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  11. Mezzi
    @Joe Bloggs

    Question for ya. I use an app called "Bluetooth Connect and Play"

    I use it for in-car use. It automatically connects and plays music my music when I get in the car.

    Will I be able to download this app from the Play Store on the Hiby or can you guys load it in as default
    It's got over a million downloads and is used a lot in the Android community. It's a must-have for many.
  12. Notrix
    From the Hiby INDIEGOGO site:


    5. Can be R6 be used with 3rd party apps?

    Yes, the R6 will come loaded with Google Play.
  13. wirefriend
  14. Bona F Pardede
    Is this legit? The price is very tempting
  15. MattyKHZ
    Really interested in one of these and can’t wait for comments on the alu version as so far it seems everyone has commented on the ss version.

    Black alu looks like it blends in with the glass nicely. I am sure the ss is bomb proof but doubt the glass is so think I would rather save the pennies on the alu version and it be lighter for everyday use.

    I guess i will have to upgrade my iem from UE TripleFi 10 or my newly acquired TA Icarus III to get the best out of a DAP.
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