HIBY R6 - DAP Dual DAC Balanced Out - Great Reviews and Over 500% Funded @ Indiegogo!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Jun 5, 2017.
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  1. marcusd
    I just woke up haha, high five you on the low z FTW! :ksc75smile:
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  2. Bona F Pardede
    Just made the order last night.. cross finger.. hopefully it is a legit product.. Thanks for the info, I'm also backup by paypal.
  3. Zachik
    @Hawaiibadboy - what were your impressions with the Z7 pairing?
    Also, @Hawaiibadboy / @marcusd / anyone else who auditioned the R6 - did you try it with planars (Mr.Speakers AEON closed / HiFiMAN Edition X v2)? I hardly use any IEMs, but rather over ears...
    And lastly, any comparison to X5III ? I did see the encouraging paragraph in one of the reviews (Headfonia ?). I love the X5III smooth / musical / laid back sound, and if I pull the trigger on the R6 - I am hoping for similar sound signature and good match to Mr.Speakers AEON closed and HiFiMAN Edition X v2.

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  4. Mezzi
    @Joe Bloggs What kind of guarantee can you give us in a worst case scenario where the Hiby R6 never arrives to the backers? Are you confident enough to say full refunds will be given if the campaign fails for any reason...or are we just simply screwed?

    I do have a good feeling about this as prototypes have already been built but you never know. I've read the horror stories online and I'm just looking for your thoughts on this.
  5. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    (corrected names)

    The SRC bypass is a firmware feature of the R6 and cannot be implemented in the Play Store version of HiBy Music.

    I ran real low on Z's flying to the US yesterday tired.png

    The campaign has exceeded its target and we're confident that the R6's will be shipped to our backers :)
  6. Mezzi
    @Joe Bloggs
    Ok, I'll ask more directly.
    If you are NOT able to produce the R6's, will we get a refund?
  7. oliwek2
    @Joe Bloggs : I'm curious too about the question asked by Mezzi
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  8. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Liked it (Z7)

    The R6 is not Neutral like original amp DX200 but not smooth either. It does have a seemingly powerful low end replay and yet....a very wide stage. (DAP's don't have stages...IMO, however the replay seems broad and spacious with most headgear This would be a good upgrade for a X5III owner wanting more of everything.
  9. oliwek2
    By the way, do we know what SOC iBasso uses for the DX200 ?

    That's just for info, as I jumped in R6 bandwagon. I hope it will be less chaotic than the Hidizs AP200 campaign, and its buggy beta firmwares with many features still not working...
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  10. Mathieulh
    Hum... according to this review: https://www.headfonia.com/review-hiby-r6/4/ the Hiby R6 barely manages to sound as good as the Sony NW-ZX2 while being used over its balanced output and sounds much worse while used over its Single Ended output (meanwhile the ZX2 is strictly Single Ended), this doesn't come anywhere close to my requirements in terms of sound quality, especially as I replaced my own NW-ZX2 to the much better sounding (which blows it entirely away when used over the balanced output) NW-ZX300, then there is also the fact that they use 2.5mm plugs rather than the (now de facto JEITA standard) 4.4mm plugs for its balanced output, it seems to me that a much better compromise is to use the NW-ZX300 USB-DAC feature or a DAC such as the PHA-2A along with an android cell phone if one expects to run streaming apps such as Tidal, sure it's not as compact but I carry both my phone and DAP with me at all time anyway, this way I would benefit from both the Android features and the much better sound quality provided by the NW-ZX300 (if you need a reference, its sound signature almost if not exactly identical to the NW-WM1A), it would also allow me to keep using my balanced headphones without having to purchase/use a 4.4mm to 2.5mm adapter.

    If Hibby wants me as a costumer, it'll have to do much better, a snappy Android interface and a nice build quality aren't everything to a Digital Audio Player.
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  11. marcusd
    I can manage that over the weekend. The AEON needs a bit of power but the Ed X v2 should have zero issues.
  12. Amigozszz
    Look at price how much costs zx2 and now hiby R6 if you preorder it! It is way cheaper and i was asking reviewer, it said it sound better, can be tweaked to sound you like than fiio x7 mark2
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  13. Zachik
    I have no doubt it is an upgrade to the X5III. My worry is that X7II is also supposedly an upgrade to the X5III, but I like the X5III sound signature better!
    X5III is very smooth in a good way (might lose very few details on the way, but manages to sound great). No sharp notes / analytical and dry sound. I hope I make sense...
    If the R6 is more like X5III than X7II, then I am in :)
  14. Zachik
    I am not worried about either being driven by the R6. Both are easy to drive. I care about synergy / being a good match.
    As I just explained in a reply to @Hawaiibadboy - I like smooth / musical / fun sound signature. X5III is great for that. If reviewers say the R6 is also smooth / musical / warm (like X5III but better), and if it sounds great with my planars (AEON closed and HEXv2) - then I am all over it... :wink:
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  15. twister6 Contributor
    Hang on a sec, bud. You are referring to Berkham (@Virtu Fortuna) review of R6 on Headfonia. That's an opinion of one reviewer. Then, you have Marcus (@marcusd) review on Headfonics. Chris (@Hawaiibadboy) has another review at Audioholikz. There will be more reviews, including mine when I get to it. You can't jump to a conclusion and blame a company for not delivering a product as you expected it because you read one person's opinion that he prefers one DAP over the other :wink: We all have subjective opinions and personal preferences.

    I can tell you my first impression, R6 has one of the best Android implementations I have seen to date (the claims from people that it runs smoother and faster then their smartphones is REAL). The build quality is top notch, and I have all black aluminum chassis version. This is the first time I do NOT want to put DAP into a case because how nice it feels in my hand. And, 10 ohm output impedance does affect the sound of most of my flagship multi-BA and hybrid low impedance IEMs. The sound change will vary, from subtle to more noticeable, affecting the impact of the bass and the energy of the treble, but it's easily fixable by using iEMatch (3.5mm output) which restores it back to how I hear these IEMs from my other DAPs. I'm not downplaying high OI, and I'm not gonna lie to you that U18t or Fourte or Andromeda will sound the same on R6 as they are from my other DAPs. But gotta tell you, I was impressed enough to replace balanced Horus cable with single ended Lionheart cable just so I can use U18t with iEMatch from R6.
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