HIBY R6 - DAP Dual DAC Balanced Out - Great Reviews and Over 500% Funded @ Indiegogo!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Jun 5, 2017.
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  1. Satir
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  2. Mezzi
    I'll let you know when mine comes in. Thinking it's cheaper because it doesn't have retail packaging.
  3. Mezzi

    The way I rationalized it is that at an 18% discount, I could resell it and break even if I don’t end up liking it. The target market for these products usually has that kind of money to burn.

    Hiby is not new to the scene and has experience in the software side of things too, so that helped my buying decision.
  4. BetterLate
    My thought process is all of the Android players seem to have software problems and who better to solve them on their own player than the company doing the software on most of the other players. That, and I really trust HawaiiBadBoy’s reviews. Makes for fun 3 months of anticipation anyway
  5. twister6 Contributor
    an eBay link to Sandisk uSD card shipped from Poland. Legit? Hmm....

    I burned myself with 2 fake Sandisk cards from Amazon already... Only buying Sandisk cards from a local BestBuy store, and they usually match Amazon prices.
  6. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Thank you bro!
    They already had time to develop a stable music player to droid interfacing and then wrapped it in good hardware. Looking at something like the echobox explorer which is in the price range shows one is a joke or the other is a boss azz piece of kit....or it might be both of those things :wink:
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  7. stefzulj
    By any small chance have you gotten to do any listening with full sized headphones with this thing on balanced? I'm planning on getting a set in the future to make use of the 2.5 jack and looking for early recommendations. Also thanks for the videos bro, helped to relieve any doubt before taking the plunge
  8. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I have used Sony Z7 and a few others but nothing over 250 ohm impedance. It's pretty potent. I don't listen to over ears too much aside from Senn 630VB and DD04. A bunch of R6 devices are about to land in the hands of Twister and others and they might be better help with the over ear rec's. :)
  9. Bona F Pardede
    yes, I think so tooo... How difficult if we want to refund the money from the ebay if the product is actually fake ones? Have anyone try it before?

    Its too hard to believe for the offer price.. But the buying will be guarantee by ebay or paypal right? If anything goes wrong
  10. Mezzi

    I talked to the eBay seller today to voice my concerns and got back to me, this is what he said


    the cards are 100% original. My company buys them for archiving data directly from Sandisk Germany. We also use them for medical equipment for tomographs. We buy cards without retail packaging in bulk packages of 200 items. You can test the card for a lot of programs. The data does not disappear, it is not a fake. You have full protection PayPal, do not be afraid.You will receive the card with the original adapter, I already have everything packed, my friend went to the post office to send parcels.I have an eBay account since 2004 and I have no negative opinion.



    I then asked for photo’s of the back of the SD Card.
    Legit cards say “Made in China” and have a square on the back which these do.



    I’m not saying these are 100% real, but I believe the guy. He just sent it but I'll ultimately test it when it gets here.

    I'm backed by Paypal anyway.
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  11. LajostheHun
    I've rad your review but not sure what the "low Z" stands for, can you elaborate? Thanks.

    Edit: Never mind, I figured it out.
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  12. LajostheHun
    Hi Joe,
    Can SRC bypass implemented in the Playstore version of Hibby music app for Android phones? Same goes for Mega 8ball. ?
  13. marcusd
    Low impedance
  14. LajostheHun
    Yes thanks I just edited my posts as yours came through as well....
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  15. twister6 Contributor
    I'm running low on Z's, need to catch some :p
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