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Help with under 80$ IEMS (RE0, S4, M2 or ?)

  1. memske
    My current top 3 are
    1. GR06
    2. RE0
    3. Klipsch S4
    4. Brainwavz M2
    Any help deciding or new suggestion would be greatly appreciated. 
    My past IEMs are Nuforce N6's and Dunu 12's.
  2. Angelopsaro
    S4 are very comfortable but they have been dominated by new iems some time now. Also keep in mind that RE0 are totally different from the M2 which are a lot bassier.. Take a look to the A161 which take really good comments
  3. memske
    Taking a look at the A161 at the moment
  4. AstroTurf
    Don't forget to add the Etymotic MC5 to your list.

    Very Nice.

  5. memske
    Can't find a place that ships them internationally for under 20 USD.
  6. trueblue1994
    Why dont u have a GR06 in your list ... :p ... (-_^)
  7. memske
    It now is ;p Shows how long I haven't looked at IEMs for ;p
  8. memske
    http://lendmeurears.com the best place to get them from trueblue? They look pretty amazing from the few reviews I've read through 
  9. trueblue1994
    It seems Vsonic GR06 and Etymotic MC5 are the best buys from what i ve read ... Good luck bro.
  10. soundstige
    MC5 is horrible, perhaps you mean HF5? The GR06 is wonderful though.
  11. trueblue1994
    The most reasonable i guess ....
    6 $ international shipping and Base price = 59 $ is also quite cheap.
    Good luck.
  12. trueblue1994
  13. trueblue1994
  14. trueblue1994

    By MC5, i meant MC5 ... the HF5 come under the 150$ category ... the MC5 arent that bad as u express considering a 75 $ buy (though GR06 are the best in that range) ... correct me if i am wrong... :p
  15. soundstige
    I'd personally say that's wrong. HF5 can actually be had for $80-100, and the MC5 is a dynamic driver that just happens to sound a little like the signature of the better balanced-armature based Etymotic offerings, but without any of the clarity or instrument separation. Not worth $75 from when I listened to it, maybe more around $40.

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