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Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by levap, Apr 21, 2014.
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  1. Viper2005
    "Holy Grail" Reflektor... I will have to look for one of these. Something tells me its not gonna be cheap :frowning2:
  2. hemipowered007
    Anyone used the dharma from enigma acoustics with metal? I'm really interested in those and the auteur as of late.
  3. Hansotek
    They’re like $100-$120ish
  4. Hansotek
    IMO the Auteur is the better of the two options. The Dharma can be good, but it’s just not on the Auteur’s level.
  5. Pharmaboy
    Apropos of nothing, I'm intimidated as hell by people who know all kinds of inside stuff about tubes: NOS stock vs new, tube #s, sonic impressions of 14 different iterations of single tube, etc. It's like I'm watching Einstein balance his checkbook...who can compete w/such specialized knowledge?

    When I bought my 1st ever tube HP amp (Woo WA3), I shelled out for the upgrade driver tubes (vs strip-mining ebay for them using all that special knowledge I don't possess). I know how disreputable it is to not to attempt my own tube-rolling, but this was so much easier (luckily the amp sounds wonderful). But soon I'll face the dilemma: how to upgrade the power tube (cold sweat).

    Seriously...I'm amazed by people like @Hansotek who've tried many tubes and can keep them all straight. When I finally start tube rolling for real, I'll plunder their knowledge at every opportunity...
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  6. Redmetal1897
    You and me both, I was bombarding @Hansotek inbox when trying to figure out how to configure my Glenn OTL.
    Hansotek likes this.
  7. Monsterzero

    There are a few threads you can subscribe to that can help,such as


    Im doing a crash course in tubeology 101 myself in prep for my Glenn OTL impending arrival
  8. Hansotek
    Be my guest man, I love talking tubes.
  9. Hansotek
    No worries man, more than happy to help you build a killer amp!
  10. socks mk2
    The Auteur should be infinitely more comfortable as well, no? Just my 2¢.
  11. Violent_Sneeze
    I liked the Beyerdynamic T5Ps for metal. Pretty much all they were good for.
  12. zyglrox17
    Hi. What would you guys recommend for stuff like Archspire, Black Crown Initiate, Car Bomb and Periphery from these cans: LCD-X creator edition, LCD-2c, Aeon Flow Open? I have a Jot w/ dac module.

    Many thanks.
  13. Hansotek
    I’d probably go with either one of the Audezes. X if you’d like more neutral, 2C if you want a little more warmth.
  14. Tsukuyomi
    I love Metal music,
    what are your opinions on the DT 1990 Pro, B&W P7, B&O H6(2nd Gen) ?
    I was tempted to try metal on the Focal Elear.
    The thing i love the most, is being able to hear the finger flick of the guitarist when they shred. so far i've only heard that with Amon Amarth with my DT1990 Pros.

    Do you think the Audioquest Carbon Nightowls would be good too?
    I was also considering re-buying my AKG 712 Pro's i sold them for money to buy other things. I kinda of regret selling them now :frowning2:
  15. donunus
    I was considering audeze lcd2cs for metal and other genres but with the unit to unit variation issue still going on, I may have to try the aeon open or campfire cascade. I wonder if anyone has compared those here with metal.
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