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  2. T

    Is my Amp giving my Hifiman HE4XX the chance it deserves?

    I can't figure out if I need to try a different headphone or a different Amp. The Behringer P2 Amp Under the stats on the device it says " Max output: 2 x 100mW @ 16 ohms " Does this mean it is not powerful enough to drive my new Hifimans HE-4XX that require 35 ohms (it has 93 db/mW...
  3. Z

    Best Budget (Chinese ?) IEMs for Heavy Metal

    Hello Everyone, So a while back I was looking for some IEMs for heavy metal (particularly doom metal --Black sabbath and so forth as well as most other forms of metal). I also listen to some hip-hop, classic rock, punk, hardcore etc. Someone recommended the KZ ES3 at that point so I picked...
  4. Monsterzero

    The Other Metal Thread: No Blastbeat Metal Zone!

    Creating this thread for fans of Traditional heavy metal bands: Post and share your favorite: *NWOBHM *NWOTHM *Speed *Thrash *Melodeath *Power *Viking *Pagan *Doom *Folk *Prog Etc........ Kindly refrain from Black Metal/Metal lacking some sort of melody/Brvtal Bro stuff as there is...
  5. levap

    Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

    This is the summary post on my metal music listening experience with a couple of headphones )) Primary targets: - to find the best of the best - to find hidden synergy treasures for headphones traditionaly not reccomended for metal - to have fun in a process ) Marks in a table below were taken...