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headphone sightings?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by driftwood, Mar 7, 2002.
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  1. The_Duke_Of_Eli
    Saw some triports today on the subway. It looked really funny on the guy cuz he had a big head.
  2. Peyotero
    I've spotted some dude with Grado's in a 3 hour bus trip 2day. So i aproched him when the bus stopped for a break and went (in hebrew):

    "he' mun! lemme check out the grado's plz! [​IMG] (first time i saw grado's :p)

    "Excuse me??" (in english)

    [here's where my dream for better future has shattered to pieces. he wasn't Israeli. just when i started thinking we're on to something [​IMG] ]

    "Umm, i want to try the Grado's. I'v got the PortaPro's and i want to compare.." [​IMG]

    "Uhh ok."

    "You've got an amp for it?" [​IMG] (hehe)

    "Nah. Not yet." [​IMG]

    The enviorment didn't let me to do critical listening but here's some of my impressions:

    It was the SR-60
    They have a vintage look just like i saw in the pics. They felt like i was holding an archeological exhibit [​IMG] (all the hippie-hair-stuck-in-the-foam sure helped [​IMG] )

    The sound. Well, pretty much as i expected. I heared the unique sound that everybody is talking about here. I won't go into detail but i liked the sound all-in-all.

    Am i gonna buy them? Yea probably, one day (maybe the sr-80 for the bass). Why? Well, not becouse i really need them... I didn't really feal like i'm missing something with the PP's. They just left a good impression on me. Like some collectors piece that every beginner audiophile should have..

    So umm.. yeah. Here ye go. First (serious) headphone sighting + a micro review [​IMG]
  3. Jahn Contributor
    something was in the water at the Apple Store in SoHo last night because after the hifi boombox debacle went down (details in duncan's remote radio thread) someone saw me plugging the ipod back in my amp and freaked out.

    "DUDE you tricked your ipod OUT! Where'd you get that case? How much is it?"

    uh, 12 bucks shipped off of eBay.

    "whoa, but it looks so cool man! wow lookit those headphones, they look awesome - do they fold? (i fold them) man, how much were THOSE?"

    under 20 at J&R , but you can grab the clip version under 15 at radio shack right now.

    "what are you plugging that ipod into? what's that black box? where can you get that?"

    it's a headphone amp, you can grab it online, google or head-fi.com has info on it, let me tell you...(his eyes start to glaze) nevermind.

    At the end of the conversation i felt like i was a cheapskate - but i didn't even get to mention the price of the amp and the interconnect didn't even come up, hehe! anyhow i let him listen to the rig and his eyes bugged out and he turned to his friend and said "we gotta hit radio shack!" so i guess my job was done[​IMG]
  4. Peyotero
    yeah baby! spread the love!! [​IMG]

  5. WhiteShadow
    I just talked to a guy at my cafetaria. He had shure e2c and the iaudio x5l[​IMG]. I forgot to ask if he visits headfi.
  6. tattoou2
    At the small-town post office I frequent, I saw one of the postal workers wearing Sony SA-1000.
  7. biohazard_nz
    Hmmmm here in New Zealand i have seen PX100s, HD-201 (including mine!), i saw some HD-25sp, a few HD202s and HD 497s. I even saw some Grados (must have been SR60s or SR80s) thats not common in New Zealand.
    once i saw some e2c ^.^
    I think i might have seen some px200s

    heaps of Sony mdr v250/v300 complete with broken headbands[​IMG]
    heaps or stock earbuds and ibuds
    i even saw someone thrashing some ex71s at FULL VOLUME before class at school O.o I could hear them from about 10 meters away [​IMG]
  8. firefox360
    During my daily bus ride and around my school I've seen a variety of headphones. Mostly cheap included in with the player ones. Although theres this kid who's in the music program at my school and I've seen him around a couple of times with Koss PortaPro's and lately I've seen him sport the Beyer Dynamic's DT531's. Not sure what player he's using though.

    I also think one time I saw a guy on the bus wearing Shure E3c's. Although it was probably some cheapo headphones that looked like the Shure's.
  9. Zuerst
    Around campus the last couple weeks I saw...

    one each of AKG k240 and k141
    the entire Shure "c" line and a couple "g"
    one silver Audio Technica CM7
    a lot of lower end Sennheisers like HD4xx's PX100...etc and some buds...
    a couple lower end Grados like the SR 60 and 80
    some UE super.fi 3 and 5s
    a couple Ety 6s
    LOTS of EX81, 71 and some 70s and a pair of e888
    an eggo d66 some V6 and the 700 DJ headphone
    a bang and olufsen A8
    a couple Bose Triports
    and a Beyer DT250
    some KSC 75 and protapros and a pair of KSC 35

    rest are either ipod buds or other stock buds...

    Seems like a lot but keep in mind that this is a 50,000+ student campus.
  10. MrSlacker
    I saw a guy with ETY ER-6i and some small flash player on Saturday about 2-3pm on Q train. He got on the train on 34th St and I left on Kings Hwy station and he kept going. There was no amp so i dont know is he is a head-fier
  11. biohazard_nz
    Yesterday i saw some PX200s and then some PX100s about 10 minutes later.[​IMG]
  12. Meyvn
    I've seen this guy in my dorm with a random pair of Grados, and some Sennheiser HD570s, the latter of which he takes everywhere. Sometimes he'll wear this huge towel on his head like a turban, and my roommate says he saw the headphone cord hanging out of it. Worried he's giving us a bad name.
  13. kadajawi
    I've seen a student with AKG K240 waiting for the bus, but thats about it. Although I'm not that good in spotting headphones, but most others seem to use the iPod ones, or other cheap ones. And a few MX400/500 I've seen.

    But I didn't expected that you would actually meet people because of the headphones you wear. Now if only more girls (any at all?) would be into that... [​IMG]
  14. yellafella321
    yesterday I caught a guy at sproul (UCB) in front of one o fthe tables wearing MS1's.
  15. Inkmo
    y'know, of all the good headphone sightings at school I've had (amongst non headfiers) -- it seems our Japanese exchange students are the ones with all the good cans. I've seen ER4-Ps, what was either an Audio Technica FC-5 or 7, and either sony MDRV-6 or MDR-CD900. I wanna strike up a conversation someday before I forget all my spoken Japanese, but I think it's rude to interrupt someone wearing headphones... [​IMG]
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