1. Krooser

    Closed mid-range portable headphones that sound like Koss PortaPro?

    Hi everyone,   I love my the sound of my Koss PortaPros, but I find them flimsy and they block no sound at all, so therefore Im looking for a step-up pair of headphones that would sound similar but have a closed (sound-blocking) design. Portability is still really important to me, Ive been...
  2. SmOgER

    Best portable over-ears 40-70$

    Given the fact that there are only a few people who actually listened to JVC HA-S600 or KOSS UR55 (opinions about these still highly appreciated), I decided to consider  other possibilities again.   For music I usually use my smartphone (Desire HD), I listen mainly to electro music, mostly...
  3. BloodyPenguin

    Free: Koss UR55 (Just pay for shipping) *Read Description*

    I am giving away a free pair of Koss UR55.  I bought these from another Head-Fi member and unfortunately they smell like cigarette smoke.  I did not know this at the time of purchase.  Every time I put them on, the smell bothers me.  Someone who does not mind this smell, or can think of a way to...
  4. AristoNYC

    Less bass heavy portable headphones?

    Hi,  I am trying to get away from earbuds as I want better sounding headphones for when I am on the subway and walking to work. I currently own Sennheiser HD485 for my home listening (though the ear pads need replacement) that I've had for a long time and I absolutely love the sound. They are...
  5. yepimonfire

    Koss UR55...Pleasantly Surprised...

    So the filters in my ety's (the only headphone i really use) got clogged and i had no more left, so until i could get replacements, i had to pick up a pair of cheapo's so i had something to listen to music with. Found a set of Koss UR55's on clearance at K-mart, and i know from previous...
  6. dang124

    Koss UR-55 vs. JVC HA-s400

    I've been eyeballing these for a budget purchase.   straight up, which one is better?
  7. bassballboy

    Koss UR55 vs. Kicker HP541 or 1973?

     Hey all, looking for headphones with great bass and good sound.  Does anyone have experience with the Kickers?  They will not be amped outside of whatever the laptop has internally.  I know the Koss's are solid, haven't seen anything with kicker's stuff (coming from car audio, their subs are...
  8. ourfpshero

    Koss ur-55

    prices are shipped in USA both great condition-hardly used   ur-55 22$  -bare headphones   fa-003  155$ - has case and extra earpads SOLD
  9. Flumphy

    Recabeling an Koss UR-55

    Hi,   One side of my headphone stopped working so I opened them and the problem wasn't a bad solder connection, it's the cable...   Look at the red square:   It looks like the cable is broken on the picture, but that's not the problem. It's because I pulled it and now it's working...
  10. asymptote

    help me chose with ~ $40 budget: SR850 vs. UR55 vs. RP-HTF600-S vs. ??

    Hi,   I'm wanting to pick up my first set of headphones which cost more than $10. I listen to alot of rock and early punk, some metal and hardcore, a little rap and electronic. I have a echo indigo IO soundcard, an unamplified sansa clip, and occasionally I'll use it on a built in soundcard...
  11. slackmachine

    A Challenge for Audiophiles

    So I've been wondering about this because I feel that it fits the demands of most of the general population <30 who usually just use their iPhone earbuds or splurge for Beats.    What is the best recommendation for a <$75 headphone that doesn't require amping? Despite the known advantages of...
  12. Syrk

    Koss UR-55 Modded

    Only had these for a less than a couple weeks(still have receipt). I followed another head-fi member's mod of taking off the grill and cloth behind it. There was a vast improvement from the already good bang for buck sound it had. I used to have the sr80i and I'd go as far as saying I preferred...
  13. SilentxStatik24

    Which is better for detail? The Koss UR-55 VS. The Koss DJ Pro100! Who Will Win?

    Title says all. Trying to decide between these for male vocals and emphasized midrange. I mainly listen to John mayer, dave Matthews and classical music. The koss UR-55 is only $25 on amazon while the pro100 is about $65. The pro100 i've heard needs m50 pads which will set me back another 20...
  14. martvigs

    Headphones 10-30Eur

    Please suggest the good heaphones in price 10 to 30 Eur
  15. SmOgER

    JVC S600 vs KOSS UR-55

    Hi there,  I've been using HD228 for quite some time now, but it's getting uncomfortable and doesn't sound as good as it used to etc, etc..  So I decided it's a time for a portable on-ear headphones. Now let me tell you that I really do like BASS. However, I'am not as much into it to...
  16. SilverEagle

    Circumaural closed backed headphones for under $100

    Hi, guys As the title implies I’m in the market for a circumaural closed backed headphone for under a $100 AUD, that can be powered, un-amped by an iPhone 4. I’m looking for a neutral balance since I listen to a range of genres, mainly Rap/Hip-Hop/Pop/Rock/Alternative and bit of Classical and...
  17. Flumphy

    PortaPro vs. AKG K403

    Hi,   I need a sleek and light headphone that I can take with me to school.   I've narrowed it down to the Koss Porta Pro and the AKG K403.   http://www.amazon.de/Koss-155491-Porta-Pro-Kopfh%C3%B6rer/dp/B00001P4ZH/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1315928243&sr=8-1  ...
  18. DKits

    Headphones for PS3

    Hey guys, I've only recently started doing research into audiophile-esqe stuff but I want to get going a good set-up for my PS3.   I want a pair of decent-high end headphones, I've looked Sennheisers such as the HD 595 and etc but don't know if that's the best choice. My budget would be...
  19. halehaler

    Best Crap Headphones (Under £50/$80)

    Hello, I am looking for some general purpose headphones for all types on music and games, not looking to spend too much.   Any suggestions?  
  20. beeeatsme

    Filling a Specific Headphone Need

    I've found myself in a bit of a pickle.   I just started a new job where I'm wearing headphones and listening to music/podcasts for 8.5 hours at a time with 5-10 minute breaks thrown in every once and a while.  My job also requires me to listen for (sometimes quiet) announcements over PA...
  21. benny

    Just got koss pro dj100 and it's great!

    i just got koss pro dj100(bestbuy on sale 49,99) and it sounds awsome!   i was suprised that bass is very thight(wich i like) wich is unusual for dj model   and it's well made and look great also..   downside is no case included and it's hard to drive thru directly from portable...
  22. mouba3

    Need Help & suggestion on HipHop/Rap Cans below or around 130$ ... thanks

    that's my second post I was looking to pick sennheiser HD428/438/448 one of them but it seem that i can get better, I’m looking for a headphone that have a accurate deep base that don't overpower the clarity also good in blocking outside sound, my first headphone was the skullcandy nba hesh i'm...
  23. dorsia

    The best headphones for hardcore / help in narrowing down a list of potential candidates

    Another newbie looking for headphone advice; I apologize for making a new thread instead of posting in the "buying headphones" thread but I figured this has enough specifics and details to warrant a separate thread...plus it seems like this would just get lost in the sea of replies if posted...
  24. pasiv

    Need closed circumaural headphones around $50-100

    Been lurking around here for a little while and this is obviously the place for help.   I primarily listen to stuff from just my labtop using my headphone amp and usb soundcard. For quality, my music has to be lossless from cd or hi-res from vinyl (gotta friend who dabbles in very expensive...
  25. Senpai3330

    Gift Headphones for a Very Clumsy Friend (Budget-fi w/ Good build)

    Build Quality is key here. I did a recable for this same friend and he managed to hook his knee (???) into the y-split and completely rip the wires out of the cups and snap the headband all in one go. There are a lot of great budget-fi options out there for under $50 but I need to know which...