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Need closed circumaural headphones around $50-100

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by pasiv, Jun 10, 2011.
  1. pasiv
    Been lurking around here for a little while and this is obviously the place for help.
    I primarily listen to stuff from just my labtop using my headphone amp and usb soundcard. For quality, my music has to be lossless from cd or hi-res from vinyl (gotta friend who dabbles in very expensive equipment and records and gives me stuff). I listen to various types of rock and metal as well as, electronic and ambient music. Currently I've been using the Koss PortaPros for a while now and I like them. But they are very limited on bass and of course tons of sound leakage. Right now I'd prefer more private listening. I do follow specs on everything so I'd prefer something to have a nice range in frequency, and modest impedance. I'm not really a bass-head but a good presence is nice.
    The pair I found was the Sennheiser HD428 for $50 on amazon. The only bad thing I've read about them is their neutral sound, as expected from Sennheiser, and a good burn in period for better sound quality and bass presence.
    So can anyone find a better pair with a good bang for your buck price?
  2. Nagasaki_Kid
    koss dj100 or ur55 sice you already have an amp
  3. tdockweiler
    I also suggest the DJ100. They've been my favorite since the summer of last year. They have a balanced signature, but still have some slightly forward mids and a good amount of bass. $80 IMO is a steal for these.

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