Koss UR55...Pleasantly Surprised...
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Dec 6, 2010
So the filters in my ety's (the only headphone i really use) got clogged and i had no more left, so until i could get replacements, i had to pick up a pair of cheapo's so i had something to listen to music with. Found a set of Koss UR55's on clearance at K-mart, and i know from previous experience that koss generally makes good sounding phones even in their lower priced range, nothing to write home about, but they do know what they're doing. Brought them home and started listening and i really like them. They sound very full, natural, and detailed. Perfectly balanced bass and highs, i do notice the lower mids are slightly forward however but it isn't unpleasing. They do sound much better with a headphone amp, i noticed plugged straight into my Optimus they really sounded loose and clunky, coming out of my FiiO E17 they sound tight and responsive.
Anyways, if you're looking for a backup when your stuff breaks, or even if you're just looking for a pair of decent low priced phones, these are a winner in my book.
They are a semi-open design, small, light and portable, just above supra-aural earcup size (they are circumaural, if you have huge ears, these might be a problem). As usual the build quality is very good (koss is pretty good at that). According to some sine waves i tested them with the low end extends to about 25hz before they start complaining. No sibiliance on vocals.
Not too bad looking either. 
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I liked them too. They were released as a Best Buy exclusive maybe 3 years ago and are now found on Amazon for $35. Actually $21 now, what the heck..
I remember the day hearing them and being so impressed with their sound for the price that I went out and looked into the DJ100. The UR-55 does have more of a "fun" signature and not perfectly flat. No big deal.
Another headphone I also liked was the Koss UR-22v. It's much better than the UR-20 which I hated. The UR-22 seems to have no lack of treble and might have a very mild V-shaped signature. It's $20 and you can even use Sony MDR-V6, M50 and Pearstone Velours on it! I was using the HM5 pads on it since I didn't like them with my DJ100. It does have the clamp of death.
The UR-55 and UR-22v are what I would suggest for people still in school that can't spend more than $30 on headphones and don't want an on-ear or clip on headphone.
Oh yeah..Koss has a closed version of the UR-55 called the UR-50. Not sure if it uses the same driver. The UR-55 has a metal grill with a fabric cover. You can remove this to make a pretty dirt cheap gaming headphone.
This is what it looks like with no grill. It's not very reversible and the pads are tricky to remove:


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