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Best portable over-ears 40-70$

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by smoger, Jan 5, 2013.
  1. SmOgER
    Given the fact that there are only a few people who actually listened to JVC HA-S600 or KOSS UR55 (opinions about these still highly appreciated), I decided to consider  other possibilities again.
    For music I usually use my smartphone (Desire HD), I listen mainly to electro music, mostly dubstep, sometimes techno. Good strong bass is number one priority, although I don't want to sacrifice clarity and overall sound "cleanliness" (it's okay to some degree, but not too far), that's why I don't quite consider buying MDR-XB500's.
    I'am looking for best bang for the buck, but don't count on Amazon price drops as I will be buying them from my local shops (+/- regular prices), to give you the better idea of pricing, S600's costs there ~44$, UR55 ~50$, senn HD439 ~95$, 
    PS. By saying portable I don't mean that they should be foldable, but they can't be much bigger than S600.
  2. zazex
    Creative Aurvana Live
    $66.00 on amazon.com
  3. whoelse
    CAL! or Sennheiser HD-201 ~$20.
  4. SmOgER
    HD201... Thanks but i will pass, MORE BASS. [​IMG]
    Frankly, my HD228 was better and I'am looking for an step up, not down...
    After some research I finally found them at some local store for 75$, but are they really worth such a price, how is the bass compared to XB500's or JVC's?
    EDIT: http://www.head-fi.org/t/626853/creative-aurvana-live-disappointed-long 
  5. Magicman74
    For your price range you're not going to get mind blowing Bass with a clean mid and highs.
    Maybe the Sony if you want the Bass.
    I'd go for the Cal, it has just enough Bass and the rest of the spectrum is great as well.
    Still one of my favorite cans under $150...I have the Denon AH-D 1000, same driver as the Cal, and I'd pay $150 for them if I had too, They really are THAT good..At under $100 the Cal is a no brainer really!!
  6. zazex
    I haven't heard either the XB500's or the JVC's,
    but the CAL's have plenty of bass.  Overall, at $75. they're
    a very good value.  Perhaps you could even persuade your
    local shop to move down in price ten dollars or so. 
    Check out all the positive reviews on amazon.com
    and elsewhere (including this forum).
  7. SmOgER
    The thing is, while reading all these reviews I'am starting to thing that sound isolation is necessary for me and it seems like CAL fail to deliver that...
  8. Greed
    +1 for the CAL, don't think you can find a better price-to-performance headphone in that price range. You are asking a lot from any headphone in this price range. You might want to look into IEMs if you are worried about noise cancellation and noise leakage. Can't think of many headphone that will meet all your needs unless you want to increase your budget some. Maybe the V-Moda Crossfade LP. Just a thought.
  9. SmOgER
    I believe that they sound good indoors, but what about outside? Is it true that lows get deceased (acc to review I posted earlier)? 
    I'am not looking for something unrealistic, just at this point I believe S600 should be better. 
    PS. As I said, bass is number one priority, it is ok for mids and highs to be muffled, but not to extreme level. I'am even starting to think that XB500 with some eq tweaking can deliver what I want, but the size of cans is a bit turn off..

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