Feb 21, 2002
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    Headphone Inventory:
    Audio Technica ATH-W100
    Denon AH-D7000
    Etymotic ER-4S
    Grado SR-60i
    Sennheiser HD600
    Sennheiser HD650
    Stax SR-001Mk2
    Stax SR-007Mk2
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Headamp Blue Hawaii SE
    Melos SHA-1
    Source Inventory:
    Apple iPhone 3GS
    Apple Mac Mini (A1347)
    Ayre QB-9
    Ion TTUSB
    Onkyo DX-C730
    Samsung BD-C6500
    Sony D-25S
    Sony PS-LX250H
    Sony SCD-CE595
    Sony SCD-XA5400ES
    Cable Inventory:
    Belden 1800F
    Blue Jeans Cable LC-1
    Cardas Headphone Cable (for HD600/HD650)
    Mogami 2534
    Pangea AC-14SE
    Pangea AC-9SE
    Signal Cable Silver Resolution Speaker Cable
    Stax SRE-950S
    Power-Related Components:
    PS Audio Duet
    PS Audio Quintet
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Infinity OVTR 1 speakers
    Magnepan MG3.7 speakers
    Marantz SR6005 receiver
    Onkyo TX-SV646 receiver
    Parasound JC-1 monoblocks
    Music Preferences:
    Most anything, but particularly bossa nova and generally anything from the `60s
    Pioneer Kuro KRP-500M
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