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headphone sightings?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by driftwood, Mar 7, 2002.
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  1. tkalee

    A little, though I swear the cable reliefs were longer.  What are they?  V-Moda?

  2. tkalee
    You know, I've just checked through Joker's multi-IEM thread, and I think they could have been Brainwavz.  That's pretty rare for New Zealand!
  3. paulypaul
    RE-ZEROs with the large Biflange tip with a flange cut off.

  4. coolguyalex
    Saw some ESW9's on the train the other day, and some B&O A8's a few days before that which was interesting considering I usually only see people using the standard iPod earbuds or low-level Sennheiser's.  
  5. buffalowings
    In the german nightclub scene in the movie "the unknown" the DJ is wearing a pair of HD25 1-ii's and obviously rocking out [​IMG]
  6. Nuwidol


    Quite a poplar choice for DJs actually. I think Paul Oakenfold started that trend off back in the day.
  7. buffalowings
    random image that came up while I was surfing on the web...is that a...dt770 80ohm pro?
  8. tds101
    I spotted a pretty hot chick on the J Train @Marcy Ave w/a set of Grados,...she looked quite happy.
  9. leichnitz
    Just finished college tour with daughter, saw over 25 colleges.  Conclusion - 70% generic white ear buds, 15% skullcandy, 10% Beats, 5% other (Grado, etc).  More often than not, 5% Grado and other worn by profs and graduate students.
    One one hand, fact that 85% are using cheap earbuds/headphones (yes, I include skullcandy here) is not a good sign for the headphone preferences of USA youth.  (In fact, some of you might be familiar with annual study done by Stanford prof. with incoming freshmen.  He plays very low quality music and very high quality and measures preferences.  As high schoolers become used to low quality MP3s, percentage of incoming fresh PREFERRING that sound increases each year).  
    On other hand, fact that about 10% of students are spending $150-300 for Beats means that young people are willing to pay more for headphones which produce good sound.  We can all quibble with whether Beats are best choice for that price, but I see this group as future buyers of Grado, Senn, Denon, etc.   Marketing pays, and Beats and Skullcandy are the headphone brands that market today.
  10. inarc
    Lots of beats by Dre, Ibuds going as loud as they can get, low end Sony's and skullcandies. That's really all I see people wear nowadays. I have convinced my basshead friends to buy the Beyer DT770 though, never actually seen him wear it... Seriously I agree that spending for headphones has increased greatly with the beats, all we need now is a good marketing plan for quality headphones.
  11. add2music
    I saw one Sennheiser HD 180 and Bose AE in you tube video of indian music....Not sure if the musician is wearing Sony's ? ....

  12. bcasey25raptor


    nah we don't. i enjoy having the best headphones around. [​IMG]
  13. W123 Merc
    Yeah, Im guilty of driving down the road in a car with a perfectly good stereo.... Listening to K240s and burning 9v batteries in my 18v CMoy. 
    So, if youre in N. GA or W. NC and you see a guy with K240s in a red Chevy truck or a yellow vintage Mercedes, thats me! 

    Anywho, I really havent seen anyone with good 'phones around here. Just a lot of Skullcandys and crap buds. Such bad taste. Is it a coincidence that they all listen to rap and lousy metal too? 

    Alan Parsons + K240s = perfect. 
  14. bcasey25raptor

    i hope by lousy metal you mean metalcore and nu metal. because metal is not lousy. badly recorded yes but not lousy.
  15. W123 Merc
    That is what I mean. Dont get me wrong. Metal is good. Lousy metal is bad.
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