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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
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  1. marcusd
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  2. Shane D
    I stand corrected.

    Shane D
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  3. wormsdriver
    Hey guys, I'll be posting a pair of Grado Rs1e for sale later today. First dibs to Grado fan club members. Pm me if your interested.
  4. ParaLoganGrado
    Great review, I was interested in this 'phone but didn't have the funds available at the time. However, I agree with your notes and compliments of the GW100! Such an underrated set of cans. I wonder if the "sunflower" mod will help "thicken up" the sound of my new to me GH2s? I know everyone always says it's a very bassy Grado, but mine (with maybe 30 hours on them) sound thinner than the GW100s! Even if the bass goes a bit deeper and is not as sloppy as the GW100, it seems lacking.
  5. xealien
    Curious if anybody has any saved links to buy custom metal Grado cups. I have a pair of SR80 and SR225 I want to give that premium touch

    I just saw this post




    I could ask the guy but he doesn’t mention anything about selling them. Figured any Grado veterans know where one can buy a set.
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  6. marca56
    Well, I cannot vouch for sound quality but they would be a lot heavier than the several wood mods that are out there. I built a custom set of headsets using Shipibo and Turbulent components including very nice Zebra wood cups. Here's a nice picture of them. They sound great and the cost was reasonable.

    12 - MPNWOLX.png
  7. ruhenheiM
    jaben used to sell aluminium cup but they using ps 1000 cup styling and i don't remember any vendors offer that kind of metal cup other than some group buy in some site few years ago. i'm not sure for current market, i haven't check custom mod grado for very long time

    that built really nice and clean tough, looks professional

    found this but his build nicer than this

    this one is nice!
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  8. Gippy
    Thank Mike for the review. His previous review of the GH1 was very interesting because it pointed out how he preferred the PS500 over the PS500e, which has reduced bass compared to the older model.

    He described the WH1's treble as "brutally honest" which to me seems like it's a screech-fest, hence his need to immediately mod it. I could see why: the WH1 uses the SR325e driver (the SR325e being the brightest in the lineup), the G-cushions (which accentuate the treble to the point where they're no good on low-end models), and painted maple wood (maple being a brighter wood than others from experience).

    At $795 it sits in the no-man's land price bracket, above the PS500e/RS1e/GH4 offerings, but below the GS/PS for those who can afford the flagship models. Not sure if it could be a solid recommendation in that case, and because it's a limited edition, it's difficult to find a place to demo it.
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  9. headfry
    I very briefly auditioned the WH1’s at the Toronto Audiofest last Saturday.
    In my very brief listen, they sounded smoother than the GH4’s,
    with a bigger soundstage and more 3d imaging and specificity.

    I didn’t know that the WH1’s use the SR325e drivers, the two phones
    sound very different, the WH1’s I suspect comparing well sound-wise
    with the GS series taking price into account.

    The WH1’s seemed to be a clear step up sonically and musically
    from the GH4’s but less comfortable,
    due to the weight distribution of the wood.
    So for me, ruled out due to lower wearing comfort.

    My GS1000l’s are superb Grado’s....one of the very best sounding,
    Grado’s, very light and comfortable to wear.

    ....with so many models, past and present there is a lot of choice,
    such that wearing comfort can be provided for along with the musicality.

    YMMV which is why trying out the different models over a reasonable
    auditioning time is strongly recommended, (where it is possible)
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  10. borrego
    Where did you read the WH1 uses the 325e drivers?
  11. sean-xenos
    Grado RS-1 since 2008 :smile_phones:

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  12. audiobomber
    I had a much different impression, as did my head-fi audiophile buddy. He owns the RS2e and SR80e, I own the GH4 and SR60, among several other brands. I use the GH4 with G cushions which IMO improve comfort and sound quality.

    At the TAF demo, we both found the GH4 much better balanced tonally. The GW1 was too bright through the upper mids and treble, and lacked bass punch. As a long term speaker-based audiophile, I consider headphone soundstaging severely limited. Tonality and PRaT are much more important, but regardless did not notice any significant difference in soundstage or imaging. OTOH, playing the GW1 through a cheap Fiio dac/amp (K5 Pro) was not doing it any favours.
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  13. mortcola
    Interesting to read your thoughts. I've been blown away by the GH4, as the best in all respects (most satisfying, but also the greatest "sweet-spot" performer) of the smaller Grados. With high-end Schiit gear (GungnirMB, Mjolnir2), the soudstaging on the GH4 is good. Limited, but good, and perhaps enhanced by the sheer presence, punch, and, for me, superior tonal balance compared to the others.

    I must say....the GS3000e offers some of the best soundstaging in terms of overall space and separation, as well as easily allowing individual voices to stand out while still being part of a dimensional, textural mass of music, of any of the excellent components I've owned. Far, far beyond what the GS1000 and the PS2000e can do....the PS2000e is precise and present, but there is an organic, window-on-the-performance-space, yet viscerally present, quality. As someone who spent decades with excellent speakers and source material/equipment, I'm used to good reproduction of musical environments. These are the first cans I can compulsively listen to with the sense of being lost in the event. The GH4 compensates by just nailing the music. My two favorite models.
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  14. ESL-1

    Good sounding limited edition phones like HF3 have an extra attraction. Don't wait until there are no longer available, they have been steadily selling them but time is limited also.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2019
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  15. headfry

    yes, fair enough, hence my use of the word "seemed" as it wasn't much of a listen and yes the partnering equipment midfi.

    However, I'd just like to reiterate my appreciation for my GS1000i's, as fed by my Jitterbug/Curious USB/Chord Mojo they sound so musical!

    ...a model IMHO not to be overlooked on the used market.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2019
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