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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. ESL-1
    I would absolutely recommend to acquire one of Grado' current models. I think both the GH3 and Limited production HF-3 are wonderful performers and great values. There are certainly many other excellent choices as you might look above the price range of these two.

    Good luck and enjoy the journey if you decide to move forward.
  2. jawks
    Thank you! What are your thoughts on the "higher end" Grados, like the GS1000e, GS2000e, GS3000e, PS series, etc.? They don't seem to get a lot of attention in the mix of other "higher end" headphones (eg, Sennheiser, Focal, Audeze, MrSpeakers, etc).
  3. Shane D
    I am thinking that Grado people graduate to higher end Grado's. There is not much lateral movement (that I have noticed) from the big brands to Grado's.

    I have not read of many folks climbing the Sennheiser, Focal, HiFiman tree and then veering over to a high end Grado.

    Having said that, my most expensive 'phones are my Beyer T5p.2's and one of my favourites is the Meze 99 Classic's.

    There is no place ANYWHERE around here to try any of those high end Grado's and my wallet is thankful.:yum:

    Shane D
  4. ESL-1
    On personal taste I have never taken to the GS1000 series. Nonetheless they do have a large following. I own and reviewed on the forum the GS2000e. It is light and comfortable, fast and transparent. They have a nice sounding impact in the mid bass though not huge does sound good to me. I found they needed more break in time than most of my other Grados. One of my Head Fi buddies who has had a number of top phones ( Stax SR-009, HiFiMan Susvara and 1000v2 along with a Focal Utopia) listened to my Grado GS2000e and decided to purchase a pair for himself. He received them recently and is currently getting some play time on them.

    I own the PS2000e from when it was first released. I also wrote a mini impression review on these I was fortunate to get some listening to a broken in demo pair.
    I consider the PS2000e the best sounding Grado ever made. Balanced, dynamic, open, refined all apply in my opinion. I do own a pair of Joseph Grado Signature HP2 which I love but I would choose the PS2000e if I could only have one.

    As always, your mileage may vary.

    PS. I do have a pair of GS3000e here now for evaluation. Initial impressions seem awfully promising. I need to get more listening time with them.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2019
  5. jawks
    Haha, I can understand how that would be better for the finances. There are a couple of small shops here in Boston that carry the Grado headphone line and allow auditioning. At least one shop goes up to the gs2000e.
  6. jawks
    Thanks for the reply! I'll check out your mini review of the PS2000e and I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the GS3000e!
  7. Shane D
    Highest my local shop carried was PS500e's and I didn't care for them. I bought the GH2's online from Quebec. At that point I was such a Grado fan I couldn't see going wrong. And it was worth Every penny to me.

    With all the choices in Boston, I would be ruined.

    Shane D
  8. Bob Ley
    Q Audio?
  9. jawks

    And although it's temporarily not stocking headphones, I believe Audio Lab in Harvard Square also carries the Grado line.
  10. DavidA
    I've gone in a slightly different direction after listening to a GS1000e, GS2000e, PS1000 and PS2000e, I much prefer some of the alternative drivers like Ypsilon R1 & G1, Magnum V8 and Nhoord Red V2. IMO the GS and PS series while good are just marginally better than the RS series and are very over priced in comparison to the alternative drivers.
    You already have some great headphones like the 800S, Aeolus and 650 so I'd suggest the RS2e or a GH 1 or 2 and consider adding a E-stat to give you a nice compliment to what you already have.
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  11. Bob Ley
    Haven't seen Grado's there. I brought a headphone amp there for repair about 3 months ago that's not ready yet.
  12. jawks
    Thanks for your input!
  13. jawks
    Do you mean Q Audio or Audio Lab? I'm pretty sure Q Audio still stocks the Grados, but I haven't been there for several months. I do remember listening to a couple of pairs there about 2-3 years ago.
  14. Bob Ley
    Audio Lab. Q Audio has a good limited selection. The owner swears by the RS2e's which was the first Grado pair I ever bought from him.
  15. zombywoof
    I can also highly recommend the RS2e's. In my opinion, the best price to performance option. Local Raleigh store, Audio Advice, carries full Grado line and I had a chance to listen all the way up to PS2000 and GS2000 a couple years back. I spent the entire afternoon there and left with the RS2e. I did not care for the PS500 and could not justify the cost of the PS1000 or PS2000. I really like the GS2000, but again, thought I was getting 99% of the sound quality with the RS2e. I also owned the GH1 and GH2, but sold them...In my opinion, they did not best the RS2e. So, that is my $0.02. If you have a local store in Boston that stocks a good variety of Grado phones, auditioning them yourself is by far the best option.
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