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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. actorlife
    So Tally thus 2 people bought the Funcl and 2 peeps bought the mpow from the Zon.
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  2. david8613
    I have to agree with you here, the tranya t3 are so good after a long burn in period, my anbes 359, jabra 65t actives, and I hate to say it even my senheisser momentum tw took a back seat to the tranya t3 these are my daily drivers, great over all sound, wide soundstage, clear treble, nice mids and vocals, deep strong bass but clean. Get very loud, Good controls and fantastic battery life, even case battery life is incredible. I'm wonder how the mpow t5 compare to the tranya t3?
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  3. actorlife
    Stop it. Grunt. That's on my list too
  4. david8613
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  5. FYLegend
    Anbes Official and Magic Office claim they have Anbes branded versions, but I have my doubts as they did not send any actual photos, plus Anbes Official chat seems to be run by the same person as Audiocart. ZC Line and Anbes 3C seem to sell nameless and/or rebrands.

    If you get a proper-sounding unit, all should be good, but if you do get a defect like I did, there won't be any good after-service or manufacturer warranty as Anbes, Kissral and Letscom claim to have. I'm not sure if "Monster Clarity HD Airlinks" is a legitimate product or if someone unofficially slapped Monster branding and aesthetics onto a UFO TWS. It's not listed on Monster's site and only found on Amazon and a few Hong Kong stores online.

    One more issue with the Earfun Free - the mono right-ear mode doesn't use a mono downmix but the left channel audio is shifted to play on the right. This shouldn't be an issue for most songs, but I can't hear the vocals in Who Needs You by Queen. Would have been better if it just downmixed both channels to the right bud.
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  6. FYLegend
    I've had the Earfun Oluv tuned edition for 5 days now - treble is rather laid-back with a bit of sparkle, upper mids have a bit of presence but the bass can be sloppy in certain tracks. Don't have the original tuning for comparison but some reviewers have found it muddy in the bass. There's only so much Oluv could do to improve it.


    I'm eyeing on the Wavefuns as well, but a user here said they sounded muddy with micro-disconnections. You might be able to find them under YTOM or Lypertek T1-APX among other names. Beware that some might only come with microUSB port instead of Type C as those ones do.
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  7. prophette
    This thread is both a blessing and a curse. :) Having made it through almost every page because I am insane, I think I have found my TWS setup for both work and home until the next generation of Qualcomm chips come out.

    I was never particularly interested in true wireless buds, even after my husband came home one day with the Jabra Elite 65t stuck in his ears. I noted how good they sounded when I talked to him on the phone but didn't really go beyond that until it came time for me to replace my workout earbuds, having destroyed a pair of cheap ChiFi IEMs attached to a Radsone ES100 and then a Hiby W5 (because maybe the whole setup should be waterproof, yes?), I decided maybe I should just buy another dedicated pair of workout buds. I'd used the Jaybird X2 for years before they conked out on me and liked them fairly well but I wasn't excited about buying the X3 or X4. Instead, I ended up buying the Jabra Elite Sport, not so much for their sound or call quality, but because of the heart rate monitor. It's actually pretty good and holds up well against a chest strap.

    After having pulled myself out of the IEM rabbit hole at the beginning of the year, I was back in the hole again because I liked the convenience of true wireless but other than the heart rate monitor, I don't really like the Jabra Elite Sport. I mean, I'm not giving them up because I really do like having the heart rate monitor and I love not having to worry about wires or clips. But I won't use them outside of workouts. They make my ears stick out and they're not super comfortable. Could I find something like them that I could take to work and use around the house? I bet I could. Back to Head-FI against all better judgment.

    I have 3 other true wireless buds in my possession right now but one of them is going to be returned.
    Creative Outlier Air
    Helm Wireless 5.0
    Nuarl NT01-AX

    This is where I really have to credit this thread because I'd never heard of Nuarl in my life but they are my favorite of the 3. I find them very easy to wear (they even come with tiny SpinFits!) and delightful to listen to. They don't lack bass but they aren't as bass heavy as the others so I can really enjoy using them across all genres of music. I especially like them for acoustic jazz. I'm a pianist so although I appreciate good bass, I do not want it overpowering my beloved piano. The bass is there and you even get a sense of gentle rumble on some tracks, but it sounds more balanced to me than the others. The mic quality seems the best of the 3 to me as well, so that's a plus. They don't block out a lot of noise, so this will be the set I use at home. I love them. I'm so happy this thread introduced me to the brand.

    I was nervous about the Creative Outlier Air because everywhere I turned it seemed people were having problems with them but so far, my experience has been solid, even at work where I unfortunately exist in an open office environment where you can hear everyone all the time. I haven't had any dropouts or connection issues despite all the potential Bluetooth interference. I also find the Airs to be very comfortable and I really appreciate that the case charges via USB-C. They are a bit bassy, but at work I think this helps drown out the misery. This will be my work set - and thanks to someone on this thread, I have a pair of noise-blocking earmuffs I can wear over them when the guy next to me is on a call because man he is loud. That's saving me money because I can return this pair of Nuraphones I have that I thought would be good to block him out (and they do, but at a much higher cost and not much higher quality).

    I really wanted to love the Helm. All of the reviews on Amazon were 5 star when I bought them. And to be fair, they aren't bad. When I first started listening to them, I was impressed. But I just find that they are way too bassy for me. These are words I didn't know I could utter, but there you have it. You can have too much of a good thing and these pushed me past my limit. I also find that they don't really fit my ears very well. I can good a good seal (you can even use standard Comply SmartCore tips with them, which is awesome except that makes the bass ever more present) but the little ear fin just sticks out and doesn't rest properly in my ear no matter which tip I use. That just looks silly. I'd not care if they were the best sounding of the bunch, but they aren't so they're going back.

    None of these are cheap (the Air were the cheapest at $80) but price wasn't my determining factor here. I was mainly interested in getting something with the QCC3026 chip in it for theoretical best performance with my Android phones. I know there are cheaper options that fit this bill but some of the brand names are just awful. I don't want to walk around with MPOW in my ears. Judge me if you like, I don't care. Nuarl is bad enough. :smile_phones:
  8. slipstreamrider
    Another count for the Mpow. I had been debating between the Anbes/Kissral, Tranya and Mpow...guess the sale pushed me over to the Mpow.

    Also looking forward to the review and comparison :gs1000smile:
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  9. chinmie
    i held back on the earfun oluv after i watch his own video about it: the oluv version have frequency holes in the overall sound, i even think the regular one sounded more coherent, although the midbass is bleeding too much for my taste.

    i don't know if that's the limitation from earfun or it is just his preference, but from his other videos, everytime he EQd other earphones to his preference, it always sounded off for me.
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  10. slipstreamrider
    LMAO! Can't say I disagree. Definitely one of the reasons I preferred the Anbes' low key design.
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  11. actorlife
    Thank you for posting your great overview. Those Nuarl have Graphene drivers and they are incredible. I bought a brand called Hopshoop which features the Graphene drivers and I was awestruck by them. I paid $30 for them and I struck gold. I tell ya you don't have to spend $300 for good quality TWS. The Anbes 359(dynamic driver) was heaven sent and a true bargain. I know people here are sick of hearing me talk about them. ✌️I love chi-fi when it done right. I hope you post more often in the future. Phew you read this whole thread? Your a champ. I think I started at the end of 2018 till when I first posted in this thread I think March.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2019
  12. FunctionalDoc
    I had the Nuarl NT01-AX but the BT connectivity on my Google Pixel XL and Hiby R6 PRO wasn't even 10 ft inside in the house with no steel studs. and had stuttering on connection. They were well built and sound great . I returned them .

    I am awaiting to the end of this month looking at these AVIOT Hybrid Driver True Wireless Earphones TE-BD21f (Black)
    triple driver and thesy have a 9 mm DD and 2 BA driver Japanese made ones have caught my eye. They will be at $150 mark in price.

    They be ordered from Amazon Japan but awaiting for them to go on sale on US site for easy return.

    I looked a the Helm and the Creative also.
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  13. snip3r77
    With the problematic in getting an OG anbes, would it be better to just get a T3/mpow t5?
  14. Mouseman
    Add another one for the Mpow. I have two sets coming on the slow boat, but this was too good of a buy.
  15. chinmie
    now your statement just makes the MPow less attractive to buy for me :o2smile:

    but i agree with you, that's why i prefer earphones/iems with just logo on it on minimum. best if it has no markings at all
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